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Triple 6 on All Hallows Eve

Tim Eisen Posted:
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Six, yes I said SIX more classes have been unveiled since we last talked. If the Heavy Fighter and Archer class trios felt a bit more traditional (by CU standards) then the last two trios have pulled things right back into the veil of BSCU! Timing was perfect for Shapeshifters and Scouts if for no other reason because all six of these classes would feel right at home on All Hallows' Eve! They have the look, they have the mechanics, they have the darkness, ladies and gentlemen I smell alts! Which is a compliment, my highest in fact. I never really have a “main” so saying I want to “alt” a class is simply saying I plan to play them, a lot. It’s the highest form of flattery a gamer can give a class, their time investment. So which of the scary 6-6-6 got my attention?


I have played several shape shifters in my day, mainly because they tend to be jack-of-all types and like the variety. These three seem to be headed in that “enjoyable variety” direction but that might be their only similarity. Keep in mind being in the same “category” does not mean they have to be anything alike beyond a base mechanic or two. These three are a good example with the Rider being exceptionally different in form and play than the other two.

Enchanted Knight (Arthurian)

Ah yes the pristine knight in shining armor! Or not. If you put a goat, a gargoyle, Falkor and the main monster from “Where the Wild Things in a blender with a little manticore pepper on top the Enchanted Knight would be the end result. I mean that in the best way. This thing looks like a scary unpredictable, and possibly smelly beast. The Knight sounds like he does a lot of damage in a few different ways via his different beast forms.

Black Rider

The headless horseman has always been a cool story but now it’s a cooler class! “Their ability to spread fear and use their severed heads and spinal cords as weapons makes them quite the challenging foe”. Yes you read that right. While they might not have the damage or extreme difference in forms of the other two shifters they appear to ride around and spread “fear” by assaulting you with their body parts turned weapons! That is both fitting and extremely cool! Kill these guys at your own risk...

Child of Loki (Vikings)

Viking werewolf with a face tattoo you say? Hel yes! If the aesthetics of a class ever sold me, this might be the one! I’m not sure how mischievous this class is (those classes are next) but, looking at the components, the wolf head actually might represent protection and loyalty to his pack. This class looks to have quite a bit of group support built into its various forms.


Incoming bias dead ahead! The very concept of a true scout class that is allowed to create mischief is fascinating. Making it valuable enough to be desired while not making it over powered is going to be tough. The size and type of the game world alone could make or break this concept. I’ve always loved the “spy” idea but have experienced few games that make it work. Based on what we know I can’t wait to see what CSE does with it. As an enemy I can’t wait to come upon the unsuspecting body/lantern/tomb stones of these guys when they are out shadow walking!

Specter (Arthurian)

A mask wearing shadow spy? How can anyone dislike that? This one might be the most familiar of the three. It sounds like a shadow stealthed rogue combined with the WOW death effect. It even has a nice transition that grants a temporary “rogue like” set of abilities to the “normal” form of the body. I get the sense that many old school stealth fans will be drawn to this class.

Wisp (TDD)

At first I was all, “awe she is cute”, but then I was all, “cute in a lure you off path and murder you way”. If you like the song Genie in a Bottleyou might want to RP a wisp. The body to wisp to lantern concept alone has me fascinated with this class. They are faster and harder to kill than the other two scout buts they are also the most visible. I just want to capture one in its lantern and keep it for a pet and love it and feed it and call it my own and even name it George, yes oh yes I do.

Arisen (Viking)

I said it early but I have to say it again, this was an “alt on sight” class. It looks like a medieval version of Ghost Rider, which is basically “Skull Knight” from Berserk which means I LOVE IT! They have to kill themselves in order to be reborn in scout mode, they are the darkest scout and they can change their size! They even drop a tomb stone! (Plays “Memories” by Elvis) How could they be any cooler? “Death Curse Sample, Ghastly Exhumation Zombie hands reach up from the ground and immobilize nearby enemies for a moderate duration, or until the hands are destroyed.” As Jim Ross used to say, “BY GAWD!” I simply have to experience this class!

As usual I’m left with a barrage of questions. How do each of these classes work/fight/function (or not function) in “normal” form/mode? Can we ride them while they are in some of those forms? If so can I make one pull a wagon for me? If an Arisen and a Child of Loki had a baby would it be my dream class or just an Arisen with a wolf skull head? Is that impossibly cooler than a normal Arisen or is it too much? I’m not sure but maybe you are, let me know in the comments below.


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