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Torchlight Frontiers – An MMO We Always Wanted

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Torchlight has been a fan favorite around here for years. It was an RPG launched in 2009 and quickly became a success on PC. The scope of the world seemed endless, especially for steampunk fantasy fans. As the years moved forward, we were treated to Torchlight II which was an excellent follow up to the original RPG. It offered more classes and options and a more in-depth storyline. Now, almost ten years later we are looking at the launch of the original goal which was a Torchlight MMO.

Frontiers in an online game, MMO does not have the same ring to it in 2019 that it had in 2009. However, it is in all respects an MMO that we have been waiting for — offering us a persistent world to adventure in together for the first time in this beloved universe. In their classic fashion, the game is bringing designs and classes together that are very different than ordinary RPGs. With yesterday's announcement of the Railmaster, we saw a new class which combined unique gameplay with a huge crushing hammer design. The mix of styles is what will set Torchlight apart from some of the games we have seen recently.

Looking into the classes for a minute, we do have our archetype mage in the Dusk Mage. The Forged is a steam-powered robot fighter. Most recently we saw the Railmaster, bashing away at foes as his train follows with buffs and enhancements. Well, we are hungry for more now. Each class brings something different to the table. You could compare the Railmaster to the Barbarian in Diablo with his big attacks, but that is not all he has. The train that follows him adds in a pet element and buffs which bring him more into a support role. These mixings of styles make for fun combinations. 

Not only that but Torchlight will feature horizontal advancement for players that mixes in skills with pets and even gained abilities from your fort. Yes, you'll now have your own fort. Seeing the class mechanics in the few previews, we have been given looks like it will create a ton of options for players. Not having to worry about grinding out levels is always a winning aspect to an RPG and Frontiers seems to be offering that idea.

The action combat of Torchlight has always been one of its most significant selling points. Action RPGs are a fantastic genre of games with plenty out right now. However, Torchlight has so many mixed elements with skills and grouping in online play that it will be fun to see what characters will make of their foes. If anything I see that Forged slicing and dicing along through goblins in my head. However, that does not mean the game will be easy by any means. Torchlight II got pretty tricky throughout, and the dev team is likely to keep the challenges coming as players go deeper into the game. 

The last piece of the puzzle with the Torchlight franchise has been the fun. It is a game older MMO players can suddenly play with the kids (who are likely better than us) and enjoy adventures in a fast-paced world. The idea of adding in the fort is just great as player housing always is at the heart of every MMO player out there. With so many features from old MMOs coming into the game and mixing it with new designs, there is a lot out there for action RPG fans. Torchlight Frontiers is on the radar and will be out this year, hopefully at the tenth-anniversary mark! 


Garrett Fuller

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