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Top Five Most Fun Marvel Heroes Characters

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Marvel Heroes has its share of overpowered and underpowered heroes and many more in between, but which are simply the most fun to play? In this week’s List, we look at five of Marvel Heroes’ funnest characters to play.


When I learned ol’ Jugs was going to be a playable character, I knew we’d be in for something crazy. The Unstoppable Force lives up to his name, using a mechanic called Momentum, which he gains through movement. Basically, the Juggernaut plays like the Ultimate Warrior. You’ll be running around like a maniac all day, clothes-lining people and elbow dropping them, all while talking tons of smack. Who could hate that?

#4 – ROGUE

While I’m not personally a fan of Rogue, she sort of automatically gets a spot on any fun list simply due to sheer possibilities she has available. Rogue is essentially a create-your-character in Marvel Heroes in that you can make your own build comprised of other characters’ abilities, including bosses, playable heroes, and even team-ups. Sure, like anything else, the community has figured out the most potent ability combinations, but if you’re just looking to have fun, you can go pretty wild with the possibilities.

#3 – HULK

Gazillion truly captured the rampaging chaotic gameplay with the 52 rework of The Hulk a while back. While the green machine isn’t as powerful as he used to be, he still brings the pain, and has a lot of fun doing it. As the Hulk, you’ll be goomba-stomping guys all day, roaring, ripping meteors out of the sky, and my personal favorite, ripping a car in half and wearing the halves as gigantic boxing gloves. If you just want to SMASH, then Hulk is your guy.


Reed has always been my least favorite of the Fantastic Four, and judging by his (lack of) popularity in Marvel Heroes, I don’t think I’m alone there. That said, Reed is one of the game’s most surprisingly fun characters to play, if for no other reason than Gazillion did a fantastic (I know, I know) job of execution with his stretchy powers. Reed really feels like he’s jumped right off the comic book page as he inflates himself into a ball and violently bounces onto enemies, rolls around like a wheel, and hammers his foes with a dizzying onslaught of stretchy fists.


War Machine represents Gazillion game design at its best. It’s clear to anyone who has played War Machine, that this was a labor of love for the folks at Gaz. The fantasy is executed on perfectly, delivering the continuous cacophony of bullets and explosions one would expect from Rhodey’s suit built explicitly for war.  You’ll never find yourself bored of the visual or aural experience of playing War Machine. Whether it’s the satisfying thunk heard every time you fire Hammer of War (Ex-Wife for you Iron Man 2 fans) or the truly ‘Murican display of military might that is War Machine’s signature ability, Army of One, the excitement is never-ending.

There are also a couple of ways to play War Machine that do a great job highlighting the versatility of Rhodey’s suit. Some are currently more viable than others, but you can do anything from leap into the fray and tear guys asunder with your wicked laser sword, to the more typical hail of bullets experience, or even something in between.

BONUS: Dr. Doom

For those of you out there who equate fun with being overpowered, I’ve got something for you, too. If you’re just starting out in Marvel Heroes and going through the roster looking for the most powerful character in the game, you’re likely to go, “Duh! It’s Doom!” As it would turn out, you’d be right.

One of Marvel’s most powerful characters is fittingly just as powerful in-game. This is mostly a result of his crazy kit combined with the game’s overpowered summoner gear, but it’s true, Doom is an absolute beast in Marvel Heroes. If you want to surround yourself with an army of doombots and lay waste to the worthless cretins you encounter, Doom is your guy. Doom also talks smack like no one else in the game, which is reason enough to play him. The constant smack talking to both allies and enemies alike often has me in stitches.


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