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Gazillion has cranked out a staggering number of new heroes, villains, and costumes for Marvel Heroes in the year and change since the game has launched, but comics fans are an insatiable lot so we always want more.  This week, we’ve put together a short list of costumes we’d like to see make it into Marvel Heroes at some point. 

Spider-Man: Iron Spider

Peter Parker was originally given the ‘Iron Spider’ armor by Tony Stark and Spider-Man wore it while on the pro-Registration side of the Civil War event. The red-and-gold color scheme matched Tony’s typical Iron Man suit color and the suit is, at least to me, Spider-Man’s most visually striking costume. The mechanical arms are a nice touch, too.

Psylocke: House of M

Most of Psylocke’s costumes over the years have been somewhat subtle variants on her typical leotard appearance. There have been exceptions to be sure, but one of Betsy’s best looks was the asymmetrical dragon design featured in House of M.

Punisher: Rachel Cole-Alves

Gender-bender enhanced costumes have been quite popular in Marvel Heroes so far, with the most recent addition being Captain Mar-Vell for Ms. Marvel. I know Gazillion has Spider-Girl in the works for Spider-Man, but I’d love to see Rachel Cole-Alves from the Greg Rucka run of Punisher come in alongside his 52 review in the near future.

Hawkeye: Ultimate

Hawkeye is sorely lacking a distinct costume in Marvel Heroes that isn’t the Fear Itself variant of his base look or Kate Bishop.  Clint’s Ultimate Hawkeye look is a popular suggestion and I’d be inclined to agree.  It also sort of reminds me of a weird hybrid between Cobra Commander and Wildcats’ Grifter.

Fear Itself

Currently, we have Fear Itself Hawkeye, Thing, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, and Wolverine, but there are quite a few superb possibilities left. Chief on my list are Fear Itself Ms. Marvel and Juggernaut, but really, Gazillion should fill out the entire set for all remaining characters that are in the game but don’t have their glowing Tron-like suits just yet.

Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears

With the potential to be one of the most exciting enhanced costumes in Marvel Heroes, there’s no way I could leave off Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain’s take on Ghost Rider featured in the miniseries Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears.  Set in the American Civil War, Ghost Rider shows up wearing an ominous black robe while riding a fiery horse.

If Gazillion can overcome the technical challenges they are likely to face in getting the horse working, I can see this being the most visually impressive costume in the game. Imagining the visual for Burn the Treads (Burn the Horseshoes?) is also probably more amusing than it should be.

If you could only pick five or six costumes to round out your own shortlist, which would you choose? Share your list with us in the comments below!


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