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Top 5 Villain DCUO Villain Mentors

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Last week I dedicated the List entirely to my own dream team of superhero mentors for SOE’s upcoming DC Universe Online. Basically it was a chance for me to wish for the heroes I love to have guide me in the game, based on the fact that I heart me some comics. I highly doubt any of them (minus maybe Green Lantern) will ever be added, but it’s nice to dream. Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t do the same thing this week for the darker side of the DC Universe. In the spirit of fairness (though I’m not sure they deserve it being all evil and stuff), let’s use this week to list off some of DC Universe’s overlooked villains that would serve as admirable and formidable mentors. The problem is that most villains often go it solo, and finding an excuse to have them team up with the player might be hard… but come on, it’s a videogame. Let’s not take it too seriously. Lex Luthor, Circe, and the Joker are already in the queue, but there are plenty more evil minds to choose from so let’s get down to business.

5.) Mr. Zsasz

Batman has one of all comic-dom’s greatest rogue galleries. Half of the DC Universe’s best villains belong to the Bruce Wayne collection of bad guys. But people will always gladly talk about Penguin, Riddler, Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, or Mr. Freeze. Despite the near ruination the last two saw at the hands of the late 90s Batman films, they’re still up there on the list of comics’ most recognizable villains. But for my money, the guy I’d like to shadow on days I felt like being particularly evil is none other than Victor Zsasz. He’s only been around in the canon since the early 90s, but the guy’s a straight-up homicidal maniac that even Bats has a hard time tracking and predicting where he’ll strike next. Thing is, he’s pretty much a loner when it comes to his personal ideology of “killing anyone and everyone”, so I’m not sure how well it would work in the context of a game where one’s mentor assigns you missions and gives you guidance. But still… I just want more of the guy. Maybe Nolan’s final Batman film will showcase Szasz?

4.) Black Adam

We’ve already seen Black Adam in the game’s opening movie, and we know his power’s immense enough to level a city block (even if he is eventually killed by Supes). Originally cast in the DC continuum as Captain Marvel’s evil predecessor from Ancient Egypt, Black Adam has all the good stuff that the Big Red Cheese has access to. And even though he’s lately been portrayed as a sort of antihero trying to clear his name, the dude will always be known to me as a really, really evil magical S.O.B. Circe is the magical villain of choice for DCUO, and that’s all well and good. We also know that Black Adam will have his own Iconic Battlesuit. But really, I just have a penchant for the Egyptian mythos that DC seems to use time and again themselves. Plus well, let’s face it… Black Adam is an awesome name.

3.) General Zod

Ol’ Zod (Terrance Stamp to some) is perfect as a villain mentor for those who want to go the Meta route, if you ask me. The megalomaniacal military leader from Krypton is not only hell-bent on ruling the cosmos, but he’s also just a wee bit pissed at Superman which always makes for a good time. There’s a nice long back story on the General and what crimes he committed on Krypton, not to mention his ever-present plans for dominating the people of Earth. Everyone always talks about how Superman is far too “over-powered” and that if comics were an MMO he’d be getting nerfed pretty hard. But they always forget that any Kryptonian under a yellow sun (like Zod) has more than enough power to match Supes and keep the Man of Steel in check.

2.) Riddler

We’ve been hearing that one of the many things to do around Gotham city is a sort of collection of Edward Nigma’s best riddles scattered throughout the city, but I’d hate if one of my favorite old school villains of all time was just an excuse for a mini-game. Assuming of course that the Riddler plays a larger part in the game, I’d love to see him as a possible Tech/Gadget mentor down the road. Sure most of his crimes are non-violent and usually just done to flaunt his massive ego and immense intelligence, but it could be a fun dynamic to play with in the game. The Riddler leaves the clues, and you perform as his muscle… until you grow wise to the way he’s using you and turn on him that is.

1.) Sinestro

Did you not see this one coming? Sinestro has one of the greatest “fall from grace” stories in comics, and is such an utter evil genius and badass that I can’t help but want to walk around fawning over the guy as a young villain in DCUO. When and if the Green Lantern stuff makes it into DCUO, Sinestro had better become a new mentor choice in the game. I want an entire arc consisting of him teaching me how to instill fear in the hearts of anyone and anything and using that to the best possible benefit with my yellow power ring. I want to be a part of the Sinestro Corps and I want to do really, really bad things with my constructs. Is that too much to ask?


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