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Top 5 Reasons to Cut Class

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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So with college and school starting back up for everyone this week I thought I might go through some reasons to skip class.  I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but everyone needs a break now and again. Back in college I was notorious for missing classes, mostly because I was lazy. However, showing my age I once cut class to play a game of Civilization… the original. So for everyone gearing up to go back to school here are a few wonderful MMO and gaming hints to skip class and work and have some real fun.  Or maybe even just plain old stop paying attention, as a few of these titles are mobile-enabled.

5.) Order & Chaos Online

All you need for this little brain loop is your cell phone. Sit in class, no problem your Orc can be slaying monsters while your professor quotes Shakespeare, what did Shakespeare know about Orcs anyway? Order & Chaos Online is a great and simple way to pass the time while waiting for something boring to end. If you are in high school and have a decent connection and don’t feel like dealing with the drama crowd then fire up this little app and go MMO during lunch period. The game has been around a while but recent patches and upgrades have improved it a lot.  It’s a standard WoW-alike, but on your phone or iPad… that’s pretty awesome.

4.) Minecraft Pocket Edition

Why learn when you can build! That is my attitude. You can never go wrong with Minecraft on any level. There is so much simplistic fun in this game. The micro edition lets you carry Minecraft in your pocket and kick in the blocks at any moment. Did your girlfriend dump you in the quad? Who cares, sit down and build something. It is a great way to pass the time. If you are coming home late from a kegger, just play drunk, you may surprise yourself with what you built in the morning. Never underestimate the power of Minecraft’s addiction. You may need time to unwind and finally put it down, but at least it doesn’t burn brain cells… it builds them!

3.) Guild Wars 2

The only reason this is number 3 on the list is because it is out already. Imagine: class starts in fifteen minutes. You are just about to log off and wham! Your lands get hit in WvW by a giant raiding party. You think I am going to Philosophy 101 now? Nope, it is the Art of War for me.  Ok, so maybe I miss something important for the exam, or the girls I get to sit with, but who cares, my Charr is tearing it up out there and I don’t plan on stopping. Warrior wrecking face in WvW or studying all about Plato? WvW beats Class any day of the week.

2.) Mists of Pandaria

There is Math and then there is WoW Math, which is more fun? Why solve the world’s economic problems when you can build your own army of pets and challenge opponents across the map. Is the Pokemon generation off to college yet? If so, then skip class and play WoW: it’s that simple. Also, since Monks are starting at level one, you might as well ask your school if you can earn college credits for leveling. Mists will be a welcome addition to WoW in the coming weeks and with new leveling, raids, and hopefully some more PvP. Expect to see colleges shut down on the week of the 25th.

1.) Torchlight 2

A game many of us have been waiting for. Torchlight 2 will certainly keep you from class. Just like Diablo this game will have you saying, “One more zone to clear…just one more.” Torchlight 2 may be up against some top competition this fall, but for the value of this game you get a ton. Great game play and a fun story, plus awesome classes, I love the Berserker. There is a lot that Torchlight 2 will bring to fans. For $20 it might just make you question why you paid so much for Diablo? Hands down our number one reason to stay home from class this Fall Semester is Torchlight 2.


Garrett Fuller

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