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Top 5 MMO Holiday Gifts

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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The holidays are filled with gifts that your family and co-workers will buy you that you don’t want. “Thanks for the clothes again Mom, I really wanted a Cosby sweater,” I can hear it now. Oh yay, a new sweater! We’re gamers damn it! Do you think we care what we look like? Have you been to a PAX? Unless it is some form of black t-shirt with some kind of awesome game thing on it, it goes in the closet and never comes out. So here is a list of items you can but for your MMO playing spouse/friend/relative this holiday.

5. RIFT Apparel at Jinx

That’s right all you Rift players. You can now show off your threads to everyone by choosing the Guardians or Defiant T-shirts. There is nothing better than video game t-shirts, it is great to wear and fun when someone recognizes what they actually mean. If anything in game culture it is like the more obscure the shirt or reference the cooler you are. Rift gets on the board this holiday with shirts and apparel, so go support your local Defiant!

4. Age of Conan Larp Weapons

That’s right… get out there and hit stuff. Get off your desk take your foam replica Conan sword and beat down that Lightning Bolt Kid to a pulp. Depending on the LARP you are in, Larping can be a blast. They can be crazy, but heck, where else can you get attacked by Skeletons at 3AM in the woods? These swords are pretty awesome looking and the axes are even cooler. Go out there and fight stuff, what is holding you back… oh are you embarrassed? You know what I say to that, it’s freaking Conan!

3.  Razer - Star Wars: The Old Republic Keyboard, Mouse and Headset

You have to give credit to Razer they do a fantastic job of catering to the hardcore gamer in all of us. Their products are awesome and they look amazing. Their Starcraft 2 line is sick as well for any of you RTS or eSports players out there. This is a great set up for those preparing to spend hours and hours in The Old Republic and not with your families come December 20th.

2. Wizard 101- Super Holiday Bundle

I had to include something for the family in here. Watching kids get psyched up over Wizard 101 is fun. Watching them get in game cash, a flying mount, and all kinds of new stuff is even better. For players and parents and even parent players the Wizard 101 Super Bundle is awesome for Wizard 101. Sure this breaks my code of non-in-game gifts for your MMO player, but who cares. Wizard 101 is just a ton of fun and players will be very happy with this card that can take them to the next level in the game. With Zafaria opening up to new players, why not give your kids a boost with this pack?


Yeah that’s right… I mean did you think anything else would top this list? With the most anticipated MMO in the last few years finally coming out five days before Christmas… it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Most likely the MMO player in your life has already pre-ordered and is gearing up for the quests to begin. If there is anything you can give them to this order it is time over the crazy holiday season to play this game! Don’t get me started on how this is a plot for Bioware and LucasArts to usurp the joy of Christmas by causing huge family battles over game-time.


Garrett Fuller

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