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Top 5 Games To Forget About Politics With Today

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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This week as we finish up a brutal election time in our country we thought it would be best on some games that do their damnedest to help you forget reality. What MMOs truly take you into a fully immersive experience? Do any of them have such in depth world building that you simply do not want to leave? Well, here we present to you the Top Five Games to Forget About Politics! 

Now, how about a little escapism to happy Utopian settings, eh?

5. Tyranny

Instead of watching Tyrants trade blows on TV. Why not play one in a video game? Obsidian has been working hard on this epic RPG which takes a huge departure from the normal “hero” route of an RPG. In this world you will play however you want as the right hand of a winning Tyrant! Dispense justice as you see fit and explore this rich fantasy apocalypse. After Obsidian’s fantastic success of Pillars of Eternity, this game hosts a much darker story for fans. You know, for the kids. You can pre-order Tyranny launches on November 10th.

4. World of Tanks

Did you ever get so frustrated that it was time to blow things up? You just could not take it anymore and had to see large explosions before your eyes? Well, Wargaming.net has made it very easy to play World of Tanks almost anywhere and quickly too. You can play on console, PC, or even join Blitz for mobile matches. With tons of armored monsters throughout history, you may just feel the need to blow things up after this week.

3. Guild Wars 2

We’re taking a different route this rank with a truly immersive game that is absolutely gorgeous. Guild Wars 2 may have you complete epic quests and fight for honor in their PvP system, but the game is simply gorgeous. The vast intricate fantasy realm will bright up your afternoon, unless you play a Char, of course. Even the monstrous race has amazing graphics and creativity be design. So if it has been a while, this may be the best weekend to return to Guild Wars 2. Walk around Tyria, explore it all, as it is the first game to offer vistas as a check point in each zone. And there's definitely no ongoing world crisis about dragons to worry about either.

2. EVE Online

Nothing beats mining in space to forget about the real world, that is why we recommend EVE Online. For years now players have been escaping reality into space. Galactic conflicts, huge corporations, and an intense economy may mirror our own world, but this space simulation has proven its worth over the decades. If you ever get sucked too deeply into the politics of EVE’s sandbox system, you can always just go out and float in space somewhere. Just don’t get caught along by pirates. Nope, no politics here!

1. Diablo 3

With all of the great news coming from BlizzCon this weekend, now is the time to try out Diablo 3. If you are one of the few who did not play the game that is. If you had played and were unhappy at launch, the game has gotten some solid updates and now is also playable on console. As dark as Diablo is, let’s face it, you are fighting a demonic horde. That brings with it some fun satisfaction from the real world woes. Sure, Diablo is not the happy cheer fun-time game, but it is epic. With the old Diablo soon porting into D3 and the Necromancer coming out in a few months it is a good time to play through Reaper of Souls all over again.


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