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Top 10 Things We Want to See at E3

William Murphy Posted:
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#5 Torchlight MMO Details from Runic Games

Torchlight was one of my most played games last year, and as with any good Roguelike I can boot it up from time to time and still have an enjoyable experience. It was the first title in a long while to really capture some semblance of the addiction machine that is the Diablo series.

#4 Jumpgate: Evolution

The hype machine has been relatively quiet on this title since NetDevil announced the game's delay last year, but I'm betting E3 will be the perfect venue for the Colorado based developer to unveil all the changes they've since made to the game and just why fans should start getting stoked about JGE all over again. Or rather, I hope that is the case. With a trifecta of factions, gorgeous visuals, and action reminiscent of the Wing Commander titles JGE could be the first Sci-Fi MMO I'm actually inclined to play at great length.

#3 Star Wars: The Old Republic Races

Until the recently released combat video for BioWare's premier MMO, we didn't really have any idea about how the game was going to play. And while I'm as anxious as anyone to find out more about the branching story, the companions, and all that... I really just want to be told what races I'll be able to play as come 2011. Not a partial list, not just the obvious ones, but the whole enchilada of choices. If I learned nothing else about The Old Republic at E3 I'd still be a happy gamer.

#2 Rift's Class System

Rift caught me off guard at the recent Trion press event. Sure enough it plays a lot like traditional MMORPGs in terms of interface and combat, but there's something about the style, the Rifts themselves, and potential for a dynamic and changing world that really has me intrigued. I guess I will always be a sucker for a good fantasy theme, which Rift has in spades. But what I really want to hear more about is how the developer is going to handle its secretive multi-classing system and just what they mean when they say there will be thousands of possible combinations.

#1 Warhammer 40K MMO First Look

Vigil Games and THQ have been keeping a very tight lid on this one for some time now. But all that is about to end at E3 when the developer fully unveils the details around what is bound to be a bloody and over-the-top MMORPG. What will we learn? Hopefully a lot. Races, classes, vehicles, combat, and all that stuff should be shown in L.A. this year and we'll be right there on the show floor to take it all in and report back here on the game directly from our drool-soaked notes.

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