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Hillary Nicole Posted:
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Over the past few years I've taken the liberty to play, or try out, many new games, even if I had little to no interest in playing them. I've joined betas, played in alphas, and pre-ordered games to gain access and playtime in them. I've liked, disliked, and temporarily enjoyed many of them, but that's not the point of this article. Not even close. The point of this article is that lately I've found myself having less and less time to actually play all the games I want to. It's not because I have more responsibilities (lol what's responsibility? jk). It's the fact that there are just more and more games I want to play everyday. Way too many, even!

For example: I want to play SWTOR still. Yes, go ahead and hate. "SWTOR is bad", "ppl still play thta gaim?", and "lol only luzrs play that game" won't work here. I thoroughly enjoyed playing SWTOR (and still do). I really like the PvP and I want to get my hands on some ranked PvP SO BAD. I like healing and the Juggernaut is probably one of my all time favorite classes from any MMO. ANY MMO. However, I can't play SWTOR because...

I want to play WoW. I want to play WoW for many reasons, too many to name, but I will name a few to give you an idea. A lot of people that watch my videos and stream and want to play a game with me. So I try to play a few games that I can invite others to join me, and guildmates, in. I've discovered that almost everyone seems to have a WoW account and it is so easy to get a group of people together for some fun. Not to mention I want to ramp up for MoP, which is due to release this year on September 25th. I don't plan on making a Monk, but I want to make sure I have my Priest ready. Oh, and I'm going to finish leveling my Druid, but I've been having trouble doing this because...

I want to play DayZ. DayZ is amazing fun, hardcore, and has a very addicting PvP element to it that I've missed from games (since Ultima Online). So what if I die almost every day? I have a blast with the people I play with and have even invited some of my stream viewers in to play with me. Despite the seemingly big increase in hackers and script kiddies recently, I still enjoy playing this game and it seems like every day there is a new, odd experience to talk about. I want to play and record more footage of this, but have had to hold back a bit because...

Firefall just released a pretty big update to the game. I want to cover this update in a feedback video of the changes. Plus, I'd like to stream the game. I enjoyed the game before, but there were a few things I wasn't a huge fan of. Now that they've basically given the game a makeover, I'd really love to see and experience all these changes. I especially want to try out the Biotech and Engineer since the revamps. Did I mention I've been asked by a lot of people to cover it? I feel like my days are consumed, though, because...

RaiderZ is in closed beta and I'd really love to make a preview of this game. Also, perhaps get in enough play time for a first impression of the game. I had a lot of fun interviewing Mark Hill, Sr Producer of the game, and want to definitely dive more in depth. I love action combat, thanks to Tera, and it sounds like they've added some new and interesting things to this, but I know that I must prepare for having even less time because...

Guild Wars 2 is coming and, when it does, it'll take up all of my gaming free time... at least for a few weeks. I'd definitely like to get a review up of the game, perhaps a few guides, and stream ArenaNet's latest. I will be playing with viewers and current guildmates alike and will have a lot of fun in it when it releases. It is going to be a very BIG release for this year, but I hope you don't mistake this article for me complaining about game releases because...

I'm enjoying the fact that there are actually a lot of games that I want to try out, just not enjoying the fact that the days seem to be getting shorter and shorter.


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