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Tomb of Sargeras - What It Brings to High-End Game Play

Suzie Ford Posted:
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World of Warcraft will be getting the massive v7.2 "Tomb of Sargeras" update today (tomorrow in EU) that brings a ton of new content into the game as well as some significant changes to classes, artifacts and more. In addition, players will be able to complete the requirements to fly in the Broken Isle, gain a new class specific mount and much more.

It's All About Demons

Devs have been calling 7.2 the "largest patch" in the game's history and that's really saying something. When  you see the list of additions and improvements, it's pretty apparent that they're not just making it up. With a new raid, a new dungeon, new artifact traits, a new zone, a larger story, new PvP activities and more, players will find a lot to do.

One thing in 7.2 that is abundantly clear: We'll be seeing a LOT of fel green and even more demons than ever before. Up to now, the Legion's presence in the Broken Isles has been pretty tame, mostly concentrated in a few locations. That will change with the patch. 

Players will be working through a series of quests to establish a presence on the Broken Shore, the place where it all began. Working cooperatively with the Armies of Legionfall, players will be constructing a formidable base of operations both cross-faction and region-wide. Certain types of buildings once constructed will open new quests and content including the solo-scenario to earn a new artifact appearance. By all reports, this is a very difficult opportunity to show how well a player understands both class and role.

If that's not enough demonic activity, players will be taking on the Legion as they invade a trio of locations throughout the Broken Isles. Completing three of these invasions, similar to those that were present in the Legion pre-event, will complete another portion of the requirements needed to fly in Broken Isles.

The Cathedral of Eternal Night is a new dungeon coming with 7.2 that provides four bosses to take down. It will come in Heroic, Mythic and Mythic Keystone difficulties with appropriate gear for each.

Oddly enough, though called the Tomb of Sargeras, the raid of the same name won't be open for at least a few weeks after the deployment of 7.2. This is doubtless to give players a chance to gear up, to work to level the new artifact traits and to make adjustments in play style based on the many overhauled legendary items.

Other Things of Note in 7.2

Demons aren't the only thing in Tomb of Sargeras. Let's take a look at some of the other offerings:

Players who enjoy pet battles will be able to take on a new dungeon type in World of Warcraft. They'll head back to the Wailing Caverns on a weekly basis and successful battlers can receive three new pets. According to devs, this dungeon will require a lot of skill to defeat. 

Blizzard will also be releasing the first of its new take on casual PvP with the Brawl system. Three classic battlegrounds will get unique modifiers to change up the way fights go down. Eye of the Storm will feature moments of zero gravity. Tarren Mill vs Southshore will reopen. Warsong Gulch has a new take on CTF.

The Transmog System is also getting some love by allowing players to more quickly see full dungeon / raid / quest sets and which items they have or have not yet collected. In addition, players will be able to see and equip full sets once complete. This will be accomplished in a single click. 

In the end Tomb of Sargeras is a massive patch with lots of new things to do, particularly for players currently sitting at the top end of Legion.

What will YOU be doing first?


Suzie Ford

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