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Three Reasons to Come Back for Knights of the Eternal Throne

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Star Wars: The Old Republic gets its 4th expansion this December with Knights of the Eternal Throne. The expansion will continue the story of the current expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, bump the level cap up to 70, and more. Any new expansion is a great time to come back to your favorite MMO, but we think Eternal Throne makes a particularly good case for a return to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Story Continues

If you haven’t played through Knights of the Fallen Empire, Eternal Throne is a great time to come back since you’ll get the entirety of Fallen Empire along with the nine new chapters in Eternal Throne. That’s a heck of a lot of story content to go through. Fallen Empire didn’t quite live up to BioWare’s claims of impactful choices, but Eternal Throne is looking to make good on that original promise, and what we’ve seen so far definitely bodes well for that goal. Seriously though, it’s not just the snazzy Blur Studio trailers that are worth experiencing, this original Star Wars story is worth at least a playthrough, and at $15 for the whole thing, it’s a no brainer if you’re a fan of BioWare story (and Star Wars, of course).

If you have played through Fallen Empire and you’re interested in seeing the rest of the story unfold, you’ll want to jump back in right away since Eternal Throne will not be episodic. There are fewer chapters total (nine vs. sixteen), but they’ll all be available in one go, so feel free to binge it all.

Galactic Command Means Everything is Endgame

Despite the questionable use of RNG loot boxes and the subscriber restriction, Galactic Command has the potential to make playing SWTOR less of a chore if you’re looking to progress your character. Everything is endgame content with Galactic Command. You earn Galactic Command experience (or GXP) for just about every activity in the game and endgame item rewards come exclusively from this system. This means you can play SWTOR however you like and you’ll always be working towards improving your character. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

The MMO is Back…Maybe

Knights of the Fallen Empire represented the most jarring change of direction SWTOR’s seen yet. The content was good, but it was almost entirely single player. BioWare was so caught up in delivering an incredible story, they seemed to have forgotten the game also had the benefit of being a massively multiplayer online game.  There’s been a serious multiplayer content drought in SWTOR for a while now, but BioWare tells us that all ends beginning with Knights of the Eternal Throne. It won’t all be there at launch, but between the new Uprisings (four-player content) and Galactic Command, there will be more reasons to play together with friends than there were in Fallen Empire. BioWare’s also signaled a renewed focused towards repeatable multiplayer content post-expansion launch and we’re hoping to hear more on that soon.

Are you considering coming back to SWTOR for Knights of the Eternal Throne? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below


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