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This Week At GameSpace.com - Splatoon 2, Assassin's Creed Anime & More

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This week at GameSpace.com, we covered some pretty amazing things including the announcement of an Assassin's Creed anime, Splatoon 2's multiplayer and so much more. Check it out and let us know about the games you've been playing lately. Have an idea of a game you'd like us to cover? Let us know that as well!

Here's What's Happening at GameSpace:

Assassin's Creed Anime Coming from Ubisoft 

Fans of Assassin’s Creed will be thrilled to know that an anime series is being produced. Of even greater importance is that Castlevania’s Netflix series producer Adi Shankar is leading the way. According to Shankar, Ubisoft is leading the way. Beyond that we don’t know much.

You Should be Playing...Slime-San: Blackbird's Kraken

The reality is that this title probably won’t be for everyone. With a steep difficulty level and being in a bit of niche genre it might not be your thing. If, however, you’re into this genre, Slime-San: Blackbird’s Kraken is worth your time. It offers some great new features, tons of things to do, areas to explore and so many unlockables for the completionists among us. The best part is that it is a standalone expansion so you can start with it. If you already own the original then it’s your lucky day as you will receive the title for free. It launches July 20th on Steam, and is a whole new campaign expansion for the original game.

Crash Force 1-Hour Review

Overall I liked the concept of the game. Control felt a bit off at times , but I was controlling a hovercraft so I believe that’s how it’s supposed to feel slipping and sliding everywhere. I felt the weapons could have used a bit more difference between the two, as is I felt it didn’t matter which one I was holding down on my mouse key to spam all over my opponent. There were a few times it was taking a good bit of time to find a match, but that could be due to early access/not alot of people playing. But I did have fun playing the game flying by and watching things explode.

Razer Panthera Ready to Fill the MadCatz Void for PS4

Beyond that there’s a few minor issues, like you can’t really customize the skin like you were able to on the Atrox since the Razer artwork is now glued on, but I honestly think that’s more something other people are going to take issue with than I did. The only other thing I could think was that I would like to maybe see a model that came with more button options included like with the joystick, or maybe different models with varying hardware set-ups already built in.

With all that said though, if you’re looking for a new fight stick for your PS4, the Razer Panthera should be your first choice. It definitely has the features that pro players are looking for and customizing the hardware to your personal preferences is extremely easy.

Splatoon 2's Single Player Mode is Worth the Purchase Alone

Indeed, I’ve put in about 8-10 hours with the campaign so far, and I’m not yet finished. I’d wager there are a solid 15 hours of gameplay here, less if you just rush to finish it without getting all the goodies. While that might seem light to some folks obsessed with the length of games, given that the single player campaign is so robustly featured, I’d recommend buying Splatoon 2 based on this bit alone. I have a lot of friends who are hesitant to get into competitive shooters, and Splatoon’s single player campaign is worth the price of admission even without what’s bound to be its biggest selling point. I can’t wait for the multiplayer servers to go live, so I can get time with the customization, Salmon Run “horde” mode, and tweak the weapons to my liking.

Atlas Reactor: Kitten Kabooming into Season 3, Chapter 3

There is no doubt Chapter 3 will have anime and cat fans feline good and as Atlas Reactor nears its first birthday lore fans will also enjoy more details as birthdays for all the freelancers have been added to the bio’s available at the ready screen. Here’s a handy list for you in alphabetical order!


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