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This Week At GameSpace.com - Serious Sam, Dead By Daylight & More

By Suzie Ford on June 25, 2017 | Columns | Not So MMO | 0

This week at Game Space, we took a look at several cool multiplatform games including Elder Scrolls Legends, Dead by Daylight, and Serious Sam. Sprinkle in a bit of news about Geek Chic and an interview with the Darkest Dungeon team and you've got a great week from GameSpace.com for June 25th!


Elder Scrolls Legends: The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood - Verdict 9.0

Those are the facts, now let’s talk about the game itself. Bethesda has greatly expanded on the story mode versus the original Legends story. You have a map and choices or where to go next, not feeling as linear as before. There are matches where you can chose how to play it. Want to kill the assassin to take his job? Everyone deals double damage that match. Opt to talk to him instead, everyone deals half damage. Decide to go undercover to a Ball, time to use someone else’s deck. The story is the selling point of the Brotherhood expansion.. It’s on you the player to help decide the Brotherhood’s fate. Save them or help destroy them. The new cards introduced liven up the game and add more choices to it.

AereA - Verdict 6.0

AereA isn’t a bad game it’s just not an “anything new” game. The cartoony graphics and artwork are well done and highly detailed in some areas, especially the backdrops and the soundtrack is superb, it just feels like too much “been there, done that”.

Dead by Daylight - Verdict 8.5

If you love co-op or horror or both, I highly recommend checking out Dead by Daylight. It offers a refreshing take on so many different game mechanics. This title really does bring something unique to the table. Aside from a couple of minor issues the console release really live up to the legacy that Dead by Daylight has already fostered since its initial release. If you’re in the market for a great co-op gaming experience in a unique setting this game will deliver.


You Should Be Playing: Shantae - Half-Genie Hero

For $20, there are a million great games to play, and tons of them are already on the Switch. But for my 2 cents, I’d suggest you drop that Andrew Jackson paper on Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. If you like classic platformers with modern polish and sensibilities, you will not be disappointed. It’s worth noting that it comes with all the DLC as well, including the recently announced Pirate Queen’s Quest.

Exclusive Interview: Red Hook & Darkest Dungeon - The Crimson Court

As the fans hoped for a vampire hunter style class, Tyler and Chris are much more clever. Instead the team introduced a wandering boss mechanic with the Fanatic. Continuing to explore the religion gone bad theme, this boss enters the dungeon to hunt you down if anyone from your party is tainted with the curse. You will get a pop up on your screen when he arrives and then the chase is on. Never knowing when he will appear. This nasty boss fight can really mess up your party if you are not prepared. Believing that all taints should be purged, he is a nasty foe.

One Hour with Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

The controls feel tight and responsive. I personally preferred keyboard and mouse over the controller, but that could just be me. Ever though it is a retro style top down shooter, it still felt very much like a Serious Sam game. Blasting baddies left and right as I looked for more loot and key cards felt fun and satisfying. Multiplayer worked well and was a nice change of pace from doing things alone or just to scratch that itch and blasting away other people. I could see hours of entertainment gained from this game, more so if you’re a person who likes to edit levels for single player and or multiplayer. If you a fan of the Serious Sam universe or a fan of twin stick shooters, give it a try.

It Sucks Having an Insatiable Lust for Blood - Vampyr E3 Preview

During the demo presentation at E3, we were shown an example of a man and his mother. The man was a drunk murderer who bullied his mom despite the fact that she supported him and his habits. So who’s the real evil? Well, our demonstrator decided that a little old lady looked more delicious than a young sociopath and gobbled her up as a sacrifice. Afterwards the area permanently changed. Everything seemed darker and the home where the woman and her son lived was ransacked. Inside we found her son crying and repentant for all the pain and strife he’d caused her throughout her life.

Geek Chic Has Closed Its Doors: Goodbye to a Board Game Icon

In 2012, the company had done $2 million in sales but received a $100,000 loss. With the marketing at cons, the expert craftsmanship of its employees, and high reviews, one can only assume that this was achieved by a lack of knowledge of budgeting and under-estimating cost. With the closing of this door, here’s to hoping that the crafters under their wing can find another company to soar with and continue to create beautiful and innovative furniture that encourages people of all ages to come together and roll some dice.

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