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This Week at GameSpace.com - Serial Cleaner, Fortnite, Dark & Light OH MY!

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This week was a busy one for GameSpace.com with more than a few fantastic new games to delve into. We have some sweet new reviews and preview for games like Dark & Light, Serial Cleaner, Fortnite and Front Defense VR. See what our writers had to say!


Our Disappointing First Hours with Dark & Light

If you are into this type of genre and you are excited to see magic hit the shelves of sandbox games than I would say, stay away for a little while and see how the game progresses in terms of bug fixing and polishing. It’ll still be there in a couple of months. I can’t fully recommend going out and buying this game as it stands now. Maybe if the price was a little cheaper but even then I would have a hard time.

You Should Be Playing: Epic's Fortnite

At this point the game seems shiny and new but time will tell if the above mentioned concepts and other systems that the game have to offer really hold the attention of this A.D.D. gamer. At the moment, however, I’m itching to get back in, build up my base, party with some buddies and wreak havoc on some husks! See you in game and don’t forget to pack extra ammo.

GORN is a Bloody Good Time

GORN is a perfect game to show off VR to a newcomer. It’s easy to be drawn in by its oncoming waves and its over the top sense of humor. If you own a Vive or Oculus and have the room for it – trust me, you’ll be swinging those controllers harder than you know – give it a try and find out just how bloodthirsty you can be.

Should You Make an Escape from the Escapists 2?

The gameplay felt good throughout my time and both controller and mouse and keyboard responded well. Playing solo and inventing my own ways of escaping was fun, but the real fun came to be had in multiplayer. You see, there’s no voice chat in game. Communication is all through a series of emotes and canned responses that you can choose from. I felt this made the game more intense and for me fun. You could also mark areas on the map for your teammates to find. Dropping off a makeshift weapon in a bush so that prison security didn’t catch you with while later a teammate went to pick it up to use later.

Infinite Mini Golf Review - Verdict: 7/10

Like Wii Sports, Micro machines, or 1-2-Switch, Infinite Minigolf is incredibly easy to play with virtually no skill barrier. If you can click a couple of buttons you can play against friends and that is where this game really shines. Beating your own record, or watching a faceless opponents ball scurry off into the distance is satisfying, but there is nothing quite like swapping insults and game pads with your friends during an overtly competitive round. Infinite Minigolf is not incredibly difficult, it is not a sprawling adventure of epic proportions, it is a good time with friends in the comfort of your own front room and that is why I’ll pick it up time and again.

Pyre Review: Supergiant Games at Their Best - Verdict: 9.5/10

Overall Pyre was a ton of fun to play, and I honestly believe its Supergiant’s best game thus far. Yes, I know Transistor and Bastion were great games. I loved them too. Looking back at this point I can see a clear progression From Bastion to Transistor, to Pyre and this is not only the best story they have told but it is also most well-executed game on all fronts. For anyone who enjoys party based RPGs, this is one game you really shouldn’t pass up.

Our Aporia: Beyond the Valley Review - Not at "Myst-ical" as One Might Like - Verdict: 7/10

If you like puzzle adventure games then you can’t do wrong with Aporia. For veterans, it’s a puzzle game you can move along in without getting bogged down by one or more puzzles for too long.

Our Serial Cleaner Review - Cleaner by Trade - Verdict: 6.5

I love the idea of games like Serial Cleaner, before this, I’d only ever seen Viscera Cleanup Detail. Where VCD followed in the footsteps of a hero, Serial Cleaner reminds me as though someone was following in the footsteps of all the carnage in games like Postal, Hotline Miami or Party Hard to bury the evidence. Unfortunately, that charm wears off quickly.

Quck Hit Review: Galaxy of Pen & Paper, A Throwback Frolic in Space - Verdict: 8/10

If you can get past the purposeful pixelated graphics and 8-bit sounding music you’ll no doubt enjoy the throwback feel and pace this game has to offer. There’s a lot of frivolities to be had here if one decides to partake in it!

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is DOOM Lite with a Top-Down View - Verdict: 7/10

It’s amazing what Ironward’s done with Solstice Chronicles: MIA, and I can only imagine what they’d be capable of with a bigger budget, more staff, and more time. I want more of their version of Mars, and I hope to see it expanded upon in the future.  The campaign will last a handful of hours, and the co-op is a blast for survival mode. The core of Solstic Chronicles is an addictive and sticky futuristic ARPG that I’d more than willingly recommend to fans of the genre.

Front Defense VR Review - Verdict: 7/10

Front Defense is a simple but fun shooter. Despite its shortcomings, it’s turned into the game that I keep coming back to. In fact, in the case of enemy AI, I think I’ve had a better time because of its limits. I appreciated how it dialed up its challenge through waves instead of making each enemy more of a thorn in my side. Much more from each would simply be overwhelming in a game that is already intense. The whole experience feels tailored made for VR newcomers. The natural physicality of its gameplay is easy to lose yourself in. There’s no steep learning curve; you do exactly what you would think should, and as you get better, the real world slips away before the firefight. Front Defense sells VR to players who’ve spent years married to a keyboard, mouse, and controller, and that’s an accomplishment.

Our Early Access Review of Iron Tides, Set Sail for Adventure & Death - Verdict: 8/10

Overall Lost Tides feels fairly solid for an Early Access release and fills the Viking niche quite well. The roguelike elements don’t feel too punishing which equates to a fun game. And a fun time had by all. Go check it out!

Our Super Cloudbuilt Review - Verdict: 6/10

Super Cloudbuilt isn’t a bad game, but it’s only decent. When everything is at its best and you’re in the free flow of upper stratosphere parkour, it can be downright thrilling. The pure fun of those moments is frequent enough to save it. When you’re forced to slow down and repeat sections, or even a whole level, it loses that luster and the cracks start to show. Given the budget price, that’s forgivable, but it’s too bad the game doesn’t focus more on what it does so well instead of everything else games in this genre are “supposed” to have.


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