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This Week at GameSpace.com - Micro Machines, Zelda & Cthulhu

By Suzie Ford on July 09, 2017 | Columns | Not So MMO | 0

This week at GameSpace.com was another big one despite the American holiday. We have some thoughts about Micro Machines, the Legend of Zelda and a great E3 preview of Lovecraftian horror RPG, Call of Cthulhu, and more.

What happened this week at GameSpace?

Micro Machines: World Series Let this Fan Down - 1 Hour Verdict: 5/10

If you’re looking for a fun Micro Machines racing game, the best ones are still out there as ROMs. Heck, Toy Box Tubros is there, and it’s just missing the blatant brand placement. But even the Codemasters mobile version of Micro Machines plays better than World Series, and it’s free. You’d be better off there, too.

Ripcoil is the Pong in VR and That's Awesome! - 1 Hour Verdict: 6/10

All said, Ripcoil is a beautiful and fun game from Sanzaru. It’s one of the first truly great competitive sports in VR, but it’s missing the kind of extras and fluff that make a game like this truly last the test of time. Fun alone, I’m sad to say, isn’t enough to keep players coming back. Progression is sorely lacking, and keeps this from being a game I could devote serious time towards.

Cryptark 1 Hour Review - Verdict: 7/10

This is how Cryptark manages to stand out among its competitors. If it finds a nice niche, creating a twin stick dungeon crawler, builds easily accessible dungeons, and the derision of my employer has not made me grin in quite the same way before. Mechanically this is, as expected, fairly repetitive experience. Although I genrally enjoyed myself and the procedural construction of space wrecks is good, I couldn’t help feel that it struggled to escape the same issues that all procedural rougelikes have to tackle. It struggled to keep me truly invested in my pilot.

The Master Trials Manages to Make Breath of the Wild Even Better

Hero’s path is a new feature added with this DLC that allows you to trace your steps through the last 200 hours of gameplay. You can follow your ragdoll as he travels across the map or you can just look at the green outline traced across Hyrule and marvel about all the miles you’ve trekked. It’s amazing after so much time in the game to look and see just how much of the world you haven’t visited yet.

Lovecraftian Call of Cthulhu E3 Preview

There’s a lot of creepy, spooky, dark, horrific stuff afoot on Darkwater Island. And as you play through the game it’s going to have a major impact on your ability to function as a normal human being. As your sanity meter drains you’ll gain various phobias and delusions. For instance, in the demo as Pierce investigated some of Sarah’s paintings something came crawling out of the canvas and started hunting him down. He was able to find temporary respite in a small closet, but due to pre-existing claustrophobia started slowly freaking out as the creature drew closer and closer. If you’re not able to figure your way out of similar situations throughout the game, you could end up so mad that you may never figure out what’s actually going on.

Dragon Ball FighterZ May be the Next Great Fighting Game

Dragon Ball FighterZ isn’t due out until some time in 2018 for PC, PS4 and XB1. Which means this isn’t even the game’s final form! We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with new character announcements and game features as they get announced. You can pre-order for XB1 or PS4 here.

Aven Colony is Much More Than SimCity in Space

Aven Colony launches in full on July 25th for the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, and after only spending a few hours in the game I think I have a new management game that will let me give City: Skylines a break for a while. Blending a mesh of your standard city-building with the dangers and beauty of alien landscapes makes it feel fresh, innovative, and easily accessible to most people with a fair amount of difficulty that it’s still a game of thinking rather than a game of building.

Building Your Kingdom in Ni No Kuni II

If I’m being totally honest, Ni No Kuni II does not have to do much to succeed. If the gameplay is anywhere as engaging as White Witch it’s going to be a hit. And that’s not even getting into the remarkable art direction of the series, which is on course to surpass everything they’ve done so far. Look for it to hit shelves on November 10th.


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