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This Week at GameSpace.com - June 18th

By Suzie Ford on June 18, 2017 | Columns | Not So MMO | 0

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Tekken 7 - Verdict 8.0

Objectively, Tekken 7 is most likely not the best fighting game out there currently. Netherrealm Studios are doing a too good job for that with Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2. However, given that in my childhood the Tekken series was omnipresent, it is my personal King of the Iron Fist. It is not completely understandable for me, why there was so little effort put into more varying game modes. I hope the explanation is not mainly to sell them via the upcoming DLCs.

RiME - Verdict 8.5

It would be unfair to rob you of the chance to experience Rime first hand. It is not a hardcore puzzle game. It is a moving story, painted on a gorgeous canvas, that absolutely demands your time. While it cannot escape the obvious comparisons to other, more challenging, experiences it still stuck with me. The game’s collectible lullabies and soundtrack are still firmly on repeat and I cannot deny that I was charmed by it. If you have an afternoon or two to spare and are willing to lose yourself in the great beyond, Rime is out now.

Brawl Stars - Verdict 9.0

Supercell is one of a few mobile developers that not only seems to be incapable of making a bad game, but they also monetize them fairly. When a game can make something like RNG feel fair, you know it’s on the right track. Brawl Stars action is immediately accessible, its real-time PVP doesn’t intimidate, and its style and charm are through the roof. It’s missing a bit of the UI flair the Clash games bleed, but it more than makes up for that visual polish with some of the best competitive action I’ve ever had on mobile or even console and PC.  Brawl Stars is highly recommended, and I would kill to see this come to the Nintendo Switch one day… please, Supercell? Branch into consoles? In short, download it as soon as it’s available to you, or if you have a Canadian iTunes account like I do. This one’s going to be huge.


E3 2017 - What We Loved About God of War

The full beat down of Kratos is still there but now layered with a deep story and elements that force you to make choices and deal with consequences. Adding Atreus makes the player care much more and brings depth to each new experience. The mentor and student relationship are central to what we have seen in the game so far, we wonder how fans of the series will adapt to this new dynamic. Being that the first game came out 12 years ago, it may just be that players now have children of their own. Of all the action RPGs we have seen at E3 so far, this one hits a great fantasy niche that players will go for. It has been a stand out among some of the other titles shown this week. Kratos is growing up. Nary a boob was seen in the footage. And for that, we’re thankful.

You Should Be Playing: Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC

I’m holding out hope for more DLC for Wildlands, but the Season Pass only included Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts. Wildlands was one of this year’s best sellers to date, even with its average review scores. For that reason, I bet a lot of you already have the base game. If you enjoyed it at all, I’d wholly recommend the DLC. If you have to pick just one, make it Fallen Ghosts. Its 15 missions, new skills, and tough-as-nails enemies make it absolutely engaging.

Steam Hammer Hands On: It Leaves All the Guess Work to You

Visually, Steam Hammer is a nice-looking game with lots of nice, neutral colored hand drawings. The interface is lacking in the “guidance” area and leaves a lot to the player to research and remember. The point allocation system during character creation gives the game that D&D RPG feel, if we just knew what the points were doing for us. It comes down to asking one’s self, what will this game eventually deliver differently in the survival arena and how hard do you want to work at a game you play, especially as a secondary game, to put thought into “what does what” or “what does this half-filled green bar really mean again”?


Suzie Ford

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