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This Week at GameSpace: Pikmin, Sudden Strike 4 & No Man's Sky

Suzie Ford Posted:
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This week at GameSpace offers you a chance to check out some of our coverage. This includes a look at the new update for No Man's Sky, more than a few reviews like Sudden Strike 4 and some thoughts about Hey, Pikman. Check out snips of some of last week's best content and then head on over for a look!


Keep an Eye on X-Morph: Defense

X-Morph: Defense really brings some great elements to the table, with smooth, quick controls, a well-balanced mix of TD and SHMUP and some nice progression systems in place, Exor Studios has really put some great design and implementation to their game. With a release scheduled for August 30, on PS4, Xbox One and PC It’s definitely worth putting on a wish list.

Madden NFL 18 Returns Players to the Gridiron

It’s that time of the year again. The 2018 NFL season is just around the corner. And with the return of players to the gridiron comes yet another installment of the Madden franchise. This year for Madden 18 not only can players expect the standard game play modes that they’ve come to know and love and a few surprises, including one you would have never expected.

The Beauty in Unleashing the Beast - NVIDIA GEForce Now

Introducing Nvidia’s newest beta initiative: GeForce NOW. Geforce Now takes your existing PC titles from your Steam library or Blizzard Entertainment launcher and, through the power of cloud computing, leverages a powerful Geforce GTX PC to transform your non-Direct-X-enabled Mac into a beastly gaming machine. Nvidia is also testing this as a solution for PCs as well.

Through the Eyes of an Aging Gamer

To summarize, I think our values in gaming change just as our values as individuals do when we age.  As younger gamers, we seek out extensive content and the ability to master it.  Adults seek out convenience — sell us a small slice of nostalgia and make it portable and/or cross-platform, please!  Older gamers are mostly looking for a great experience, and it may not even necessitate an extensive adventure.

No Man's Sky - The Atlas Has Risen

For me as a long time player a, you can tell from my inventory screenshot, this update has brought a lot to the game that I have hoped and very glad they did bring.  I look forward to seeing what future updates may hold, maybe an improved multiplayer where other players aren’t just lights but maybe silhouettes. I think another expansion on the economy to where your freighter can sell to other players would be good nice too, but with already so many new ways to earn currency that’s is just extra.  I have ideas for where I think they expand on areas but those are just my thoughts.

Perhaps Now is the Time to Push Trump Off the Cliff?

I bet we can all collect hundreds of times politics and games have never mingled well in game chats or on game platforms because for many, games are for escaping the serious sides of life. Different countries, beliefs, and religions with complete strangers also lend unavoidable disagreements no matter which side you are on however is it crossing the line using actual people especially leaders of countries for such characters like this one and in this manner?

REVIEW: Children of Zodiarcs - Verdict: 8.0

While far from perfect, I do hope that Children of Zodiarcs is going to be its own spark-to-kindling to reignite public interest in the genre. We have no shortage of RPGs, but tactical RPGs have always been the least recognized, overlooked, and as time went by their releases slowed from a slow drip to barely a trickle. The card and dice system goes against the traditional norms, but ultimately it gives the game more character that allows it to stand out not just for itself but shows the genre is still capable of doing new things and still very much worth paying attention to. Now, if they could just get that mess of a story under control…

REVIEW: Sudden Strike 4 - Merely Adequate - Verdict: 6.5

’ll close as I opened. I found Sudden Strike 4 to be merely adequate. It has a (to me) wonderful array of clever mechanics that promise interesting tactical gameplay, but a laundry list of quibbles ends up draining the glamor from the game. It’s very hard to recommend Sudden Strike over any of the other tactical offerings out there right now, which feels to me to be a shame.

REVIEW: Nidhogg 2 - Verdict: 7.5

Nidhogg 2 isn’t a feature heavy game. It could use leaderboards, maybe more game modes, and more weapons, sure. But it’s about the frantic gameplay, the hilarious level design and flopping of bodies across the levels. It’s about laughing with the person you’re trying to skewer. And listen – any game that lets you fight inside the bowels of a dying Nidhogg and escape through its sphincter is alright by us.

REVIEW: Hey Pikmin - Verdict: 7.0

Regardless of its lax difficulty and lack of replay value, Hey! Pikmin has been utterly adorable and fun to play through. If you’re a fan of the franchise and don’t go in expecting it to be a mobile sequel, but rather a casual spinoff of the series, you’ll be pleased. Folks waiting on a new full-scale Pikmin will have to hope the Switch gets one in the coming year.


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