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This Week at GameSpace - May 21st Edition

Suzie Ford Posted:
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GameSpace is our little corner of the internet where we can post news and reviews of games that we play outside the MMO genre. Each week, we'll be bringing you the wrap up of the week's reviews and editorials about other games that might just catch your fancy. See what happened This Week at GameSpace.com!


The Surge - Verdict: 9.1

But the beauty of The Surge is that when you die you don’t ever feel like it’s the game being cheap on you. You know it’s something you did or didn’t do, and you’re eager to get back and try again.

Black & White Bushido - Verdict: 7.9

If you’re looking for a unique multiplayer arena brawler ‘Black & White Bushido’ will deliver. It offers a unique enough take on the genre to set itself apart.

Fire Emblem Echose: Shadows of Valentia - Verdict: 8.0

It took me a  little under 30 hours to complete the main game. The game was a complete saga. I bring this up because Nintendo has an aggressive DLC schedule planned for this latest Fire Emblem edition that may push the boundaries of decency.

Disgaea 5 Complete - Verdict: 8.2

There are only a few RPGs on the Switch so far, but Disgaea 5 is nothing short of one of the best. If you’re at all a fan of JRPGs or tactics games, this is a must buy.

Krosmaga Review - Verdict: 6.5

Overall the game can be quite fun, especially if you enjoy the art style of Wakfu and seeing the various characters as cards in the game. But it felt like there needs to better balancing over all on several cards as well as the ability to gain Kama to purchase more cards is severely hampered without spending real life money.

Zheros Review - Verdict: 5.5

In the end, it feels as though Zheroes is a game that can’t make up its mind about what it wants to be. It pulls elements from side-scrolling platformers, deep beat-em-ups, and button-mashing dungeon crawlers, but fails to bring them together. With a stronger vision, clearer direction, and more meaningful narrative, it could have been the sci-fi romp we were hoping for.

Portal Knights - Verdict: 8.0

The game leaves you wanting more after you walk away simply through variety. You always want to go back in and open a portal to a new section of the Fracture to see what you can find.


Mages of Mystralia Review in Progress

For now, if by some chance you’re not a backer of this game receiving your Steam copy as it goes live today, I’d highly recommend checking Mages of Mystralia out. I can’t put a score on it, but if you like things that are good, this one’s a no-brainer. It’s an Indie game that feels like something more.

What We Know About Destiny 2 After Today's Reveal

A metric buttload of information was dropped on us at the event, so we’re going to recount it all here in bullet list form. Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2.

Dead Cells is a Rogue-Like Metroidvania Game You Need to Play

Still, for a game that’s a year away, Dead Cells already feels like a real winner. Much like Darkest Dungeon, it has all the hallmarks of greatness, and my newfound love of the Switch is already begging for Motion Twin’s game to come to Nintendo’s eShop.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a Time-Warping Good Time

It’s trippy, but also so brilliantly pulled off that it makes Bloody Days a unique shooter all in its own right. It doesn’t even need the Reservoir Dogs license, and frankly, I really hope the game comes to the Switch after playing it on Steam. It’s unique blend of action and strategic planning would suit the portable console really well.


Suzie Ford

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