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This Week at Game Space - Star Wars Battlefront 2, Skyrim & More

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It was another big, busy week over at Game Space with big ticket reviews of games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, Need for Speed Payback and more. We also have a bunch of "Quick Hit" reviews from games that maybe will take you by surprise. Add in a sprinkling of geeky editorial content and you've got a lot of cool things to look forward to seeing.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review - Verdict: 8/10

So, does Star Wars Battlefront II fulfill the Star Wars fantasy? I believe it does, but it’s a very Empire Strikes Back fantasy; it’s not all lightsabers and Force-using. Sometimes it takes a blaster or two to get the job done or some fancy flying. It may require some frustrating moments of Dagoba-style training. At the end of the day, no matter who gets frozen in carbonite or loses a hand, you’ve got your squad to think about. Only together can you overcome the odds stacked against you.

Need for Speed Payback Review - Verdict: 7/10

Need For Speed Payback is a mixed bag. One the one hand it’s a fun arcade racer with great customization, a wide range of cars and race styles and some truly great single player moments. Yet with the other hand holding an underwhelming multiplayer experience, lather, rinse repeat story missions, and some awkward storytelling pacing, NFS never seems to hit top gear in its goal to capture the glory of the old days.

Hand of Fate 2 Review - Verdict: 8/10

Overall, Hand of Fate 2 is vastly superior to the first game, and a great game in its own right. If you’re looking for a highly replayable Action RPG with beautiful visuals and fun combat, look no further. There really isn’t a game quite like Hand of Fate 2, so help foster innovation. Give this one a play for $30 on Steam.

Skyrim for Switch Review - Verdict: 9/10

Outside of the aforementioned talking points, there isn’t much else to review.  It’s Skyrim. It’s been around for years and if you love it you’ll love it on the Switch.  If you don’t like it, you probably won’t like it on the switch.  To me, this might very well be the way I play Skyrim from now on because it’s so easy to put down when my daughter or wife need me and pick it right back up once my free time starts rolling in again.  So yes, if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner I fully recommend buying Skyrim (again) if you still find yourself wanting to be Dragonborn, like myself, after all these years.

Gran Turismo Sport Review - Verdict: 6.5/10

Gran Turismo Sport is the beginning of a new era for the titular PlayStation racing franchise, but some aspects should have been tuned further if they wanted to remain competitive. Unnecessarily convoluted game modes, a pointless photo mode, always-online connectivity, and terrible rosters of tracks and cars bog down an otherwise fun and immersive driving experience. Although this is easily one of the best feeling and best sounding racing games on PlayStation 4, other racing games are just more fun. And as a long-time fan of this series, that is the most heartbreaking of all.

Gunman Taco Truck Review - Verdict: 8.5/10

Taco Truck isn’t a particularly complex game once you work out how to beat it. There is limited longevity to this format, simply because it has a win and failure state, but it is absolutely worth your time. If you are sick of ghastly grey post-apocalyptic nightmares hen it might be worth spicing up your taco with Romero Studios’ latest creation.

Cities Skylines: Green Cities Review - Verdict: 8.2/10

This game has so much to offer the economist, builder and proactive decision maker in all of us! Do you agree? Does anyone have any recommendations of what DLC or expansion I should play next? I’d love to know more about other players skyline developing adventures but enough writing! Happy Chirper building!

VVVVVV Switch Review - Verdict: 7/10

VVVVVV is a retro-styled platformer packed with difficulty, but the challenge makes you want to continue playing and get the sense of accomplishment for overcoming so many challenges.  The game is deceptively simple, which will help draw you in and the closely spaced checkpoints will keep you addicted to keep trying to get to the next one.  While the game can be learned and beaten quickly on the original map, the multiple extra maps and difficulties help make the game worth revisiting.

Simulacra Review - Verdict: 7/10

SIMULACRA surprised me. I didn’t know quite what to expect from a game that looks like a phone. I certainly didn’t expect an interesting and sobering story. If you enjoy mystery adventures with a flexible story, then I’d recommend giving SIMULACRA a try, but remember, nothing is what it seems.

Hyakki Castle Review - Verdict: 6.5/10

Despite some great puzzles and an interesting group mechanic, I will be waiting before returning to Hyakki Castle. If you love dungeon crawlers and need something new, give it a try. If you are new to the genre then maybe start with the superb Legend of Grimrock. Hyakki Castle is out now on Steam.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 First Impressions

I could go on for ages about Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and I will in the final review and other articles coming up. But for now, know that if you’ve been longing for a huge RPG to sink your teeth into since Zelda ended, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has you covered. Stay tuned for our final review closer to launch, and articles on the combat, world, and characters coming soon.

Darkest Dungeon The Shieldbreaker DLC Preview

What does the newest addition to Darkest Dungeon bring to us? It brings the new hero class the Shieldbreaker as well as trinkets specifically for her class. Also coming to town are three new monsters flavored by her origins and a new consumable. I was unlucky (or lucky depending on your point of view) enough to not run into any of the new monsters, but what I have seen of them they fit her story well.

This War of Mine Story-Based DLC Review

The Stories DLC for This War of Mine costs $4.99 for the Season Pass, or you can buy the Fathers Promise story separately for $1.99. In my opinion, either price is a steal for the hours of content you’ll get out this DLC and if you’re a fan of the base game this DLC is a must-buy.

What Should EA Do with the Star Wars IP?

As I said before, the Star Wars universe has endless possibilities, and this must be taken as an opportunity to deviate from what we’re expecting and surprise us. But, while EA keeps being afraid of upsetting the fans, by not providing them with anything other than a wallet taxing Battlefront and promises of a grandiose Star Wars game, they’re just achieving exactly what they want to avoid. Because, in all honesty, we just want good Star Wars games.


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