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This Week at Game Space - June 11th

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island - Verdict 6.5

Altogether, Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island is a short, solid and (I’m not afraid of this word) cute game. It is fun while it lasts and will provide players with enjoyable 3D platformer gameplay, nice level design, colorful environment and quirky characters. It is obvious that Right Nice Games really tried to create comfortable little adventure that players will fondly remember. Whether it is worth $15 is up for you to decide.

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - Verdict 9.0

Still, that nostalgia is a powerful motivator, and ZeniMax and Bethesda have delivered on it almost perfectly.  If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to return to Morrowind, take a ship from one of TESO’s capital cities and get ready to ride a silt strider down memory lane.  You won’t be disappointed.

Drifting Lands - Verdict 8.0

If you have been a long time fan of the SHMUP genre and want a fresh take on it, “Drifting Lands” is worth picking up on Steam. With the blend of RPG and story elements, it is a nice refreshing take on the genre. However, with lackluster story delivery, some repetitive level design and somewhat slow movement might be a turnoff for others. “Drifting Lands” is a well-balanced SHMUPRPG that brings something new to the table.

Torment X Punisher - Verdict 8.0

Joonas Turner’s latest game is a delight though. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and its fun. It’s the game you want to play when you just want to kill demons. What kind of madness would you expect from the guy behind Downwell, Broforce, and Badland? This may seem like a short review, but I promise, I just about covered everything. If you like hard roguelikes such as Devil Daggers, The Binding of Isaac, and more, then this is right up your alley.

Conarium Review - Verdict 8.0

There are gut turning moments, there are a few jumpscares involving the eldritch horrors we would come to expect, but when I say few I mean that in every sense of the word. The game could’ve used several more moments offering up a life-or-death fear factor to help elevate it passed a creepy mystery without going overboard and feeling too similar to mainstream horror titles. Perhaps I’m just being too picky, but don’t let this complaint change your opinion overall on the game as it certainly didn’t change mine; Conarium is a damned treat, and even as bleak an individual as H.P. Lovecraft was, I think he’d be proud that his works inspired this.

DiRT 4 - Verdict 8.5

Dirt 4 is a great rally game. The accessibility it presents to newcomers, quickly transcending into more advanced driving techniques is one of its strongest features, but the thrill of the race on these unpredictable, minimap-less tracks never failed to get my heart pumping. There are some odd quirks with physics – cars have a tendency to pirouette like a ballerina from hitting a ridge the wrong way – and a too limited track creator, but these are nitpicks before all that Dirt 4 does so right. It’s time to get dirty.

Inner Chains - Verdict 7.8

The art and setting of Inner Chains in incredibly beautiful and detailed, I often would stop and just look around everywhere there was an overlook because everything was so breathtaking. There’s so much detail in every part of the game it’s impressive. Unfortunately, all this detail might be a reason I had some issues with the performance of the game. My computer isn’t top of the line anymore, it’s a few years old at this point, but it also isn’t a toaster and there were a lot of areas where the background would be flickering. In addition to this, I had significant drops in FPS while playing where things would suddenly grind to a bit of a halt.

ARMS - Verdict 8.0

ARMS staying power will depend on its ability to form a community around this punchy little title. Currently, Nintendo has plans to release additional stages and fighters for free. This DLC will help the title keep its legs underneath it while the Switch install base grows and the ARMS community grows with it. The early success of the Switch and the level of detail that Nintendo has crafted into ARMS assures that this is a great franchise with huge potential for growth that is fun for newcomers and veteran fighting game fans alike.


Suzie Ford

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