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The Warcraft Movie - What We Learned from Comic Con

Reza Lackey Posted:
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In their booth on the show floor they also showed off a few props - The Alliance Lion Shield, Dragon Sword and of course the big daddy of them all, the orc crafted Doomhammer. Notice the scale of the Doomhammer compared to the Lion Shield and Dragon Sword - this is our first indication of the size of the Orcs we’ll see in the film. To my knowledge the Dragon Sword doesn’t exist in the any of the Warcraft games to date but is well crafted to fit the look and feel of what we have seen.

Legendary provided this official description of the three props:

Dragon Sword: This gleaming blade is wielded in the name of the Alliance.

Lion Shield: Symbol of the strength of Azeroth.

Doomhammer: A savage orc weapon unleashed in the name of the Horde.

The Plot The story will be an origin story of sorts about how Azeroth falls to war between the Orcs and Humans. There is no clear good vs. bad here as we’ll empathize with both sides. We’ll follow Lothar on the Alliance side and Durotan for the Horde (See that? For the Horde. Thanks). Essentially it seems that the film will be the telling of the First War.

It’s safe to assume we’ll also be seeing the likes of Medivh and Gul’dan who together opened the Dark Portal, the dimensional gateway that brought the orcs to Azeroth from their homeworld of Draenor. It’s possible the story will begin even further back with the titan Sargeras who initially possessed Medivh to work with Gul’dan and who is also responsible for corrupting the orcs into the savage Horde that marched into Azeroth. I imagine the events will lead to a climactic siege on the Alliance capital of Stormwind.

The Look

The Orcs will mostly be computer generated to a level of quality like the Na’vi in Avatar and the more recent apes in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - they looked large and brutal. The teaser showed both factions preparing for battle and then a quick montage of fighting including a griffin diving into the fray. Hopefully the footage will be released in some official capacity soon!

It’s so awesome to finally see something tangible from the film after all this time waiting for anything beyond concept art and the pre-visualization sequence Comic-Con attendees saw last year. Can’t wait to see more!


Reza Lackey