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The Wait for Catch-Up Content

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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I’m still making my way to 60 in FFXIV through casual play, and while going through my rounds of written content on blogs and Reddit and MMORPG.com, I’ve noticed a good number of people are waiting to see what’s next.

I admit, I’m actually looking forward to whatever’s coming next in terms of their patch release cycle, as I actually enjoy being slightly over one patch behind on content. I can savor the content and get the benefits that come with tweaks made from other users’ experiences.

That doesn’t come cheap, however, as the cost of is a whole lot of waiting and, in the case of the raiders and completionists, a lot of time spent twiddling thumbs in anticipation of the next big thing.

Waiting and Windows 10

Square Enix has a penchant, however, for not making FFXIV-related announcements till they’ve got certain aspects locked down in their timeline.

For example, the company has gone out to officially say that they’re still doing their internal testing for the WIndows 10 compatibility of Final Fantasy XIV, advising users not to upgrade to Windows 10 till they’re done in mid-August (another two weeks or so).

This, despite reports that FFXIV appears to be chugging along slightly better on certain Windows 10 configurations.

Of course, Square Enix probably has more data, but the point is that it appears to be a mandate in the company: advise people of what you’re doing and only give other important particulars once you’ve hammered things out.

What I want while I wait

While I’m not yet 60, I do know some of the plot points I’ll be going through later on. I’m really looking forward to at least one storyline addition and at least two new leveling content additions.

In terms of storyline content, I want to see more Ascian weirdness, as the Eorzean Alliance goes forth to quell the threat of these manipulative immortals.

In terms of leveling content, however, I want to see new beast tribe additions, along with a new story for the Ehcatl beast tribe. Expansions to the beast tribe system would be great at providing new story hooks, though I expect the Airship Squawk Crew to have more content closer to the release of content that would expand the Free Company airship system.

One other thing I’d like for leveling content is for Square Enix to develop some kind of new content system to allow people to get over the 50-60 hump somewhat quicker later on. Not to diminish the effort of others, mind you, but more to smoothen out the post-story grind for secondary characters.

As it stands, I’ve judiciously banked some quests in areas in anticipation of the future, and I hope to level another class once I get the time to do so.

Grant one last request, Square Enix!

One other thing. I really hope the Machinist class gets some kind of review and tweaks for even further viability. Guides may say one thing, but I’m really hoping for an easier time playing one as a secondary class.

I think it’s supposed to be a Ranged DPS-support class, but instead of LOLDRGs, people seem to think the new replacements are LOLMCHs which, whether true or untrue, is just kinda sucky.

Anyway, that’s all the time I have for this week. How has your week in Eorzea been? Let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like to discuss for next week (or any particular sentiments regarding machinists you’d like to share), and I’ll see if I can squeeze it into next week’s feature.



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