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The Top 5 Morrowind Features

William Murphy Posted:
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These past few weeks have been fantastic for Elder Scrolls Online. The game is reaching great heights and now has a fantastic new offering with Morrowind coming out later in 2017. The announcement article goes over a lot of ideas that will be coming up for players. So we thought to break down the list of with some of our favorite features that have been mentioned so far. The update will be huge, and thanks to Elder Scroll Online’s: One Tamriel system you can just jump right in and get started. If you are a veteran player, your journey will continue into the new lands. If you are a first time player, you can join the vets as well and begin your quest in Morrowind. So, here we go with the list:

Simultaneous Launch on All Platforms

This one's not so much a feature, as it is a thank you for thinking of everyone, Zenimax. We love that Morrowind will be launching on PC, PS4, and XBOX all at the same time (June 6th, 2017). Usually in the past MMOs could never pull off such a feat. However, the team is proving that this can be done so all players can enter in at the same time. So, if you are a player who had switched platforms in the past, you can now just launch on your favorite system and hit the volcanic shores as you explore Vvardenfell.

A Whole New World (or Island?)

Vvardenfell may just be one zone, but according to Zenimax, it's also the game's largest to date. They've even openly said that the 30+ hours worth of story content in Morrowind will be enough to level a new character from 1-50.  As anyone who's done most of the content in One Tamriel can attest, having a whole new story campaign to play through for our new Warden characters will be absolutely necessary. Everything the team's learned from crafting content for Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Craglorn, and the excellent Orsinium will go a long way towards making Morrowind the cream of the crop when it comes to content. Or so we hope!

PvP Battlegrounds - Finally!

The team at ZeniMax Online has their roots in some of the best PvP MMOs ever created. It is great to see that Morrowind is coming in with some new formats for PvP fans. The Ashlands looks to be a dangerous zone where 3 groups of players face off in a round robin of death. 4v4v4 is the name of the game. Where so many other games have two factions, Elder Scrolls is known for its many alliances. It will be great to watch battles unfold that tip the scales of a normal two sided conflict. This fast paced change will challenge every PvP player out there and hopefully we’ll see some of the top battles on livestreams when launch begins.

The Halls of Fabrication 

Do not worry PvE fans, you have not been left out of Morrowind either. With loads of new content and zones to explore. You’ll also have a new twelve player trial. The Halls of Fabrication seem like something which throws back to the ancient Dwemer constructions. We want to learn more about this new raid and hope to get information as we move closer to launch. For now, this trial will give players a solid goal to reach after exploring the new content. Nothing beats grouping up with friends to hit these big dungeons. The Halls look to offer a great opportunity to bring guilds together, and hopefully it'll bring the loot to boot.

The Warden, Of Course!

ESO is adding in a true pet class with style. Forget the Sorc's Clannfear and Winged nasty, The Warden will command a freaking bear and have access to all the new skills that come with a class. The best part about ESO is that you can choose your own skill lines and level up any of them over time. So if you choose to be a Warden and use a bow, that is possible, or maybe a two handed mace is more your style.  I'm thinking Frost Staff, personally. Either way, there are plenty of options to spec your character. 

I'm betting we'll learn ever more about all the new content in Morrowind over the coming weeks, especially now that Housing launched in ESO on PC with Homestead this week. Stay tuned to MMORPG.com as we expand our coverage and snag some interviews with the devs.


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