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The Top 5 Expectations For Destiny 2

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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After rumors and hints around the game industry, we finally saw a post yesterday with some artwork. It seems like it is no secret that Destiny 2 is coming and people should be excited. Destiny was an amazing game and now Bungie is building up the blocks for a sequel to bring players more opportunities across the solar system.

Here is our list of top five ideas behind Destiny 2 we would like to see from Bungie:

5. You are Starting Over

This appears to be the only fact about the game that has been leaked. Many insiders have stated that players will be given a fresh start on their avatars and begin a new campaign with the sequel. How this will be done and what players will get for all their hard work is going to be interesting indeed. Nobody really minds a second shot at a game, especially if there is new content. Still, some people may want a little something for their last few years of effort, we have to wait and see how Bungie will tackle this idea.

4. Larger Zones

A lot of rumors point to planets like Mars and even Saturn as possibilities. The word is that the Saturn zone is massive. We’d love to see some type of space content with within Saturn’s amazing rings. Even though Destiny is a shooter, nothing beats the chance to fly those fancy ships around the asteroids of Saturn. If the team can put a new twist on a space combat simulator, then this addition may hit home with gamers on multiple levels.

3. New Forms of Play

The high speed PvP and exploration of story in Destiny is an amazing mechanic to the game. It is now time to look outside the box and see what other ideas Destiny can adapt. If it follows more of an RPG path than the original? Destiny did have a ton of MMO and RPG elements, so it would be great to see this tradition go even deeper in the sequel. Overall, new weapon forms, new attacks, and possibly third person viewpoint would add a lot of options. The other thing the game needs are new class ideas. Wrap this up in a continued storyline and the game should deliver well.

2. Group Content

Raids, dungeons, and PvP seems to be the standard across any MMO. Destiny did a good job of mixing these ideals in their instanced universe. Now it will be interesting if they can add more on the group play front. Especially with the rise of livestreams, you may have more than just PVP battles be broadcast to audiences. Groups and guilds make up a huge reason why people stick with community based games. This is a real chance for Bungie to think outside the box and get things rolling with the massive player base.

1. The Best Use of Online and VR Play

There is always a game that gets you to buy new technology. No one has been able to really do that with VR yet. Destiny’s style and UI lend itself to an amazing VR experience. This could be the game that launches all those Sony VR headsets into the sales charts. Connected in and playing in the 360 reality would be epic fun for gamers. Will Destiny finally be the game to break out into VR mainstream? No one has done it yet… we will have to see. 

THE REAL #1 Expectation? PUT IT ON PC.

Enough said.


Garrett Fuller

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