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The Top 20 MMO News Stories of 2016

William Murphy Posted:
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2016 is in the bag folks, and after 52 weeks of MMO news, you’ll be surprised (or maybe) not to see what the most viewed stories on MMORPG.com were over the course of the year. Some of you will probably see why Black Desert gets a lot of reporting too, both here and across the web. Read on for our top 20 stories of 2016!

The 20 stories below are the most viewed news stories on MMORPG.com through the year 2016. Some news items for Giveaways we did not include, as well… of course free stuff gets viewed a lot. Instead, we weeded out the giveaways and took just the actual news articles from the year past. What’s astonishing to us is that so many Black Desert stories made it into the top 20. It’s clear, even despite the divergent viewpoints on the title, that it was 2016’s most talked about new MMO in our little sphere of the web.

And our own pick for the most anticipated MMO of 2017, New World, comes right in at number 2. Any time a new big name MMORPG is announced, it’s sure to get heads turning. What’s funny is that it’s not even a title we know much about yet. Perhaps more concerning is the lack of Crowfall, Camelot, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, and even WoW stories in the top 20. While those games, new and old, have a lot of pull it’s clear that other titles had the momentum in 2016.

We’ll be pulling together a list like this for our features and reviews shortly, so stay tuned. For now, refresh your memory on 2016’s biggest news bites!

  1. Black Desert’s Costume Price $3 Drop
  2. New World Announcement from Amazon Games Studio
  3. Blade and Soul’s 1 Million Players
  4. Path of Exile Ascendancy Launch Date
  5. Black Desert’s Westernization Progress
  6. The Creepiness of Active Worlds
  7. Black Desert’s Musa and Maewha Arrival Date
  8. WoW Legion’s Alt Friendly Change
  9. Black Desert Dark Elf Preview from Japan            
  10. Black Desert Makes $12Mln in its First Month
  11. WoW Cheaters Stripped of Mythic Kill Honors
  12. Colin Johanson Signs with Amazon Game Studios and Crucible
  13. BDO Godmode Hack Possible
  14. Blade and Soul’s Soul Fighter Class Launch Date
  15. Diablo Season 8 Rewards Announced
  16. The Flawed Development of WildStar
  17. CCP Could Be Sold
  18. Sombra Continues to be Teased
  19. Dark and Light Headed to Steam’s Early Access
  20. Nostalrius Team Releases Code, Plans Relaunch


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