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The Shinobi Bundle Is Here!

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Wizard101 officially announced its newest bundle last week - the Shinobi Bundle. This one appears to be influenced by the bright and ninja infested world of Mooshu. Although the new bundle doesn't include a castle or a gauntlet like some others do, it does have some interesting, cute, and possibly deadly items.

Shinobi Dojo

The Shinobi Dojo is a housing item that contains a PvP arena and a Great Moodha Statue. Similar to other bundle housing items like the Fantastic Fish Bowl and Magic Treehouse, the Great Moodha Statue allows players to receive daily rewards. PvP fanatics however, will probably be more focused on the first ever movable PvP arena. Previously, PvP arenas were pre-built into specific castles. Since this PvP arena is housed in the Shinobi Dojo (which is a moveable housing item), it's the first battle area that players can place wherever they want.

Shinobi Dragon Mount and Shinobi Turtle Pet

By far, the Shinobi Dragon is one of the more stranger looking mounts I've seen in the game. It's super long and skinny, with sharp teeth and what look to be tiny chicken feet. It's able to hold two players on its back, but I'm just wondering how it's able to support all that weight! Opposite the large dragon is the small but mighty Shinobi Turtle pet (Shellnobi Warrior). Like a miniature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, the teeny turtle wields two knives complete with a ninja costume. To top it all off, the critter is dyeable and comes with a Death Ninja Pig spell that unlocks once the pet is trained to Adult.

Shinobi Gear and Weapon

You and your Shellnobi Warrior can be twins with the Shinobi gearset. The outfit consists of ninja armor, sandals, and a face concealing hood. But, what's a ninja without a deadly weapon? The set also includes a Throwing Star wand which has the ability to maycast a Shift Ninja Pig. Both the wand and corresponding gear goes up to level 120 stats.

As always, the bundle also gives players the choice of 1 month membership or 5,000 crowns. If being sneaky is your thing, you can pick up the Shinobi Bundle at GameStop for $29. 


Vanessa Mythdust