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The RPGs of E3

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The studio seemed much more comfortable playing through their game in a smaller setting. There we saw a range of exploration and combat. It looks slick, guys. The game is breathtaking – though still falls short of The Witcher 3. In motion, both of these games look great, however, and Dragon Age easily wins out in flair. There is something really showy about the DA:I’s combat, especially with the demonstrator switching between an ice-prisoning mage a Qunari warrior that literally hacked his enemies into bloody mists.

Bioware also talked more about the features of the game. One of the most interesting is the World Master, a form of AI which dynamically repopulates areas based upon how you’ve been playing and the decisions you’ve made. There will also be nine playable companions this time around, each programmable and able to be strategized with through the top-down perspective regardless of the platform you choose. Taking a cue from Telltale, Bioware is moving away from black and white decisions and moving toward “dilemmas” in Inquisition’s conversation trees. Plus: 40 possible endings. Minus: Xbox One players will receive DLC first.

Let’s play a game. Put against each other, which game wins the day: Witcher 3 or Dragon Age: Inquisition? For my part, even though I’m sold on both, I’d say the easy money is on The Witcher. It’s just so damn impressive with all of its envelope pushing.

Moving on from traditional RPGs, Bungie surprised us all by opening up the Destiny alpha for select PlayStation 4 users this weekend. I had the chance to spend a couple of hours in the game and have had a blast. There is only combat zone, and a small one at that, to play around in but it’s enough to see that the gameplay is solid; the core is tight and fun. What the alpha is missing, however, is a personality. There is very little story in the preview build, so it’s hard to get a feel for what the game is really about and I have to wonder how well the RPG elements will play out. It’s hard to tell if the stat bonuses on gear (increased accuracy, decreased recoil, etc.) will be enough to drive long-term motivation or how these will play out in multiplayer. Stay tuned for more this week.

There is a lot more, but let’s wrap things up with Bloodborne, the next game from From Software, makers of the Demons Souls and Dark Souls games. Last known as Project Beast, this game was revealed through a CGI trailer and behind-closed-doors gameplay demonstration. Since then, a gameplay trailer has been leaked giving us a first look at an early build of the game. It appears to take place in a Victorian setting and has a much more offensive slant to combat. There are no shields in the game and the leaked trailer definitely looks faster paced than any of the previous games. As a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, it looks no less nightmare-inducing and just as punishingly difficult. Also, mist doors! With faces.

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