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The Quiz: The MMO App Version

Drew Wood Posted:
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Happy Wednesday to you all, readers! You know what that means. It's time for the Quiz! I won't mess around with any big flowery intro this week, because I'm feeling no-nonsense today. Some of our favorite MMOs are no longer satisfied with just having the game itself, they want you to be able to manage your equipment and gear on the go. Therefore, I bring you, the Mobile App Quiz!

Q: The official mobile app for this popular MMORPG allows for character support, which is not out of the ordinary, but also displays the character's in-game 3D model, complete with animations and backgrounds?


Q: What features do the Icarus Fallen Earth iPhone app include?


Q: What is the name of the Third Party EVE Online app that shares its name with the on-board computer in the game?


Q: Two games have had apps designed for them by the third party developer, Odd Duck Computing. While neither are official apps, both are recommended by the game developers themselves. What are the two games? HINT: Both apps end in the world “Herald”.


Q: What children's MMO has an iPhone application available, free for download, that is a block-matching mini-game based in the same universe in which it takes place?


That concludes our list for this week. Why don't you pop into the forums and let us know if you utilise any mobile apps to enhance your gaming experience. If you do, what platform do you do so on? iPhone? Android? Blackberry? Let us know, we want to know what you all use, or what you'd like to see made, so let us know!

Until next week, my friends!


Drew Wood