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The Quiz: The Garriott Assessment

Drew Wood Posted:
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Happy Wednesday to all you people out in Quiz Land. It's that time of the week again, and I'm feeling a little melancholy. In a little under three months, it will mark the 2 year anniversary of the abrupt, but somehow inevitable, termination of the Tabula Rasa servers. Tabula Rasa struck me as a game with infinite potential that could have done much better than it actually did. What could go wrong with everyone's favorite eccentric game designer and producer at the helm, Richard Garriott? Somewhere along the way, however, everything just fell apart.

In honor of the dearly departed, I hope you will all enjoy this week's edition of The Quiz, or, as I like to call it, THE GARRIOTT ASSESSMENT!!!

Q: Shortly before NCSoft announced the closure of Tabula Rasa's servers, Garriott himself posted an open letter on the game's official website announcing his departure. What were the reasons given? And, hey, for bonus points, he later claimed that he was forced out of his position and sued NCSoft. Did he win or lose?


Q: Which game, on which Garriott served as Executive Producer, was originally based on a fantasy IP in which a usurper is defeated?


Q: What company, in 2004, filed suit against Cryptic Studios, NCSoft and NCI for problems it had with City of Heroes (on which Richard's brother Robert Garriott was an Executive Producer)?


Q: How many years was Tabula Rasa, on which Garriott was once again credited as Executive Producer, in production before its launch in November of 2007?


Q: A year before its release in 1997, producers of Ultima Online had hoped to include an engine in the game that served as dynamic content, long before people were throwing that term around. What was it called?



Q: Richard Garriott has had characters/alter-egos in two of the games that he has worked on. What are their names, and which two games do they appear in?


Thanks for joining me on this walk down memory lane. Be sure to join me next week and I'll be sure to have another batch of MMO-Trivia all hot and steaming like a nice mug of hot chocolate. Enjoy your week!


Drew Wood