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The Quiz: MMO Holiday Edition

Drew Wood Posted:
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It's that time of week again, ladies and gents, where I take you on a magic carpet ride of knowledge from around the world of MMOs. This week, what with the holiday season breathing down our necks, gift shopping and wrapping consuming our souls, and the ever-present excitement that I can drink Egg Nog ANY TIME I WANT, I've decided that this week's Quiz will be about some of those little holiday events you may have been hearing about for the past few days/weeks.

So I give you, the Ate-Too-Much-Food-During-The-Holidays QUIZ!

Q: What is the name used for the holiday festivities in Star Wars Galaxies?


Q: Which side-scrolling game is having double experience and enemy item drop events on Christmas Day and New Years Day from 2pm to 4pm, Pacific Standard Time, as a means to reward the holiday spirit of their players?


Q: Which F2P game is currently offering sale of "Festive Inner-Armor" which consists mostly of red and white trimmed bras and panties, and candy-cane stockings for the ladies, and red and green, or red and white, boxer shorts for the gents?


Q: In Watermelon Woes, adventurers are rewarded for growing, and then smashing, Watermelons! Which game is currently under siege from Watermelons and suffering from Watermelon Woes?


Q: When City of Heroes announced its winter event, they had three things that you unlocked for free just for logging in between the dates of December 17th and January 3rd. What are those three items?


Q: In what 2010 release can I go to Frostburgh, and, for thirty days, celebrate Frostivus by starting and participating in some snowball fights, collecting candy canes, and building ginger bread houses?


Well, I hope you enjoyed my foray through the snow as we drank some hot chocolate. Well, you drank hot chocolate. I had Egg Nog. See you next week!


Drew Wood