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The Pressing Issues in ESO

Josh Hay Posted:
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No game is perfect, it’s the sad reality. We typically look beyond the problems and see the good in the game we play. No one likes to focus on the negative aspects. Today, I plan to do just that and see what ZoS could do fix some of my most pressing issues in Elder Scrolls Online. The problems I am going to talk about are discussed daily between the multiple guilds I belong to and immediate friends. Let’s dive in, shall we? A lot of these are a double-edged sword and I will get into that in part two next article.

We’ve talked about this a lot in the past, but it’s still talked about years later as well: Auction House. I’ll say this for everyone asking for one: It’s probably never going to happen. We are used to the system that they have in place which is joining multiple guilds and hopefully some of those guilds are trading guilds. I personally belong to two of them which are really active, and I do use frequently. I don’t know if I would like an auction house more than the current system, it probably would be a lot easier. I think this is something that will be talked about for years to come. I think a lot of veterans like myself are just used to this and have accepted that an auction house is likely never to come.

Even though I have talked about freedom of choice in classes and what your character is able to do, it’s not perfect. A lot of players, including myself still feel that there should be some changes down to some weapons and classes. Balance is again a double-edged sword. Some people will happy with one change while another set of people will completely hate it. I don’t want that job to be honest.

 I have more of a problem with weapon balance than anything else really. I would like for some weapons to do physical and magical instead of just one or the other. Granted, I can still do everything I want in my character, but I feel like my character could be doing a lot more damage/survivability if I could choose one or another, you know? Anyone else feel this way or am I just on a island by myself with this one? Again, balance will be an issue debated for years to come but I would like to think a lot of us are happy with the state of balance. What do I mean exactly? I feel like there is more of a positive vibe towards balance than negative. Just in my personal experience with my playtime and others I have talked too.

We could go on and on about this issue for days but for the sake of time and not straining your eyes I think you all get the gist of this. It’s not perfect but it’s defiantly acceptable. Another issue that has been talked about recently and for some time now is: Combat. I don’t think this will be a thing everyone will be happy with. Some people prefer tab targeting and some people prefer action combat. I do not believe the combat in ESO takes a long time to master.

It’s not the most difficult system but it can be rather frustrating at times. If I could change one thing about the combat system it would be a little more action orientated, what about you all? What would you change about the combat system in Elder Scrolls Online? Do you like or dislike how the combat currently is? I don’t have any like big issues with how combat is, at least in the PvE sense. In PvP I just have a lot of skill desync issues and I kind of feel like I am the only one having these issues sadly. 

Finally, this one is more personal than anything. It’s something I have talked about in the past and I would like to take a moment to expand on this: The Crown Store. Whether or not you are a fan of cash shops, it’s in the game. This isn’t a pay to win debate, this is more of a quality thing. Since I have been subbed to the game for so long I have acquired a lot of Crowns in my time, but I haven’t spent them. I have purchased a lot of the wardrobes and polymorphs but not much else. I asked myself why I haven’t spent them on anything else. It’s about quality and I don’t think it’s there. I know there are some sick looking mounts out there or cute pets but the cost of them and the quality of their make just isn’t there to justify buying them. Does anyone else feel this way? I know this sounds like a very silly thing to complain about but if I’m going to spend my money I want the best of the best. I know that sounds super harsh on the game I love but it is just something that irks me about the Crown Store.

For all the readers out there, is there anything you would add to the list? I know it’s just three problems I talked about and I know there is a lot more out there. I would like to hear your complaints about the game. It’s sometimes good to talk about you don’t like about the game and see how other players see it. Something you like I may dislike, you know?

I would love to see your opinion on this. This will be a two-part series and in the next column I will be talking about what I like about the game and then maybe how we can solve some of the issues we are facing and the issues we dislike. Leave a comment below, I will be reading all the comments about what everyone dislikes. Cheers!


Josh Hay