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The Node War Patch Falls Down, Goes Boom

William Murphy Posted:
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Lewis Burnell is off this week taking a much deserved vacation, and it’s probably just as well since Black Desert Online’s latest patch is, for all intents and purposes… busted to hell. In this week’s column we’ll take stock of the situation at hand and try to gather just what went wrong and when we can expect fixes to hit the live servers.

This morning, there will be a one-hour maintenance to fix the desync with the recently added Node War schedule. And while there’s a 20-page or so forum thread discussing Friday’s patch and the changes (or lack thereof) as a result, there seems to be no real acknowledgement of anything being wrong on behalf of the Daum Games team.

The sad part is, by and large the update on paper is a grand one. Lots of positive changes, even fishing received an overhaul that means actively fishing and hunting down hotspots means you’ll make more money. Though some will say this breaks AFK fishing (it kind of does) it makes one of the game’s central non-combat activities far more engaging to actively participate in. But the real focus right now, and reasonably so, is on the class changes… or really, the reported ones in the patch notes versus the broken or nonexistent ones on the live servers.

Node Wars on the KR servers…

As user DMKano pointed out, things be borked:

  • Sorcs got nerfed hard, nobody knows if it's intentional or not but their accuracy is completely borked
  • Warriors - all of those "boosts" in patch notes - none of them happened, their damage is exactly the same as before the patch
  • Berserkers - got way lower boosts in damage than what the patch notes promised, also some skills that were supposed to heal dont' do any healing whatsoever.
  • Tamers - the pets don't do any damage (yes seriously) and their pets are invincible. They basically got turned into pets.
  • Wiz mana absorption is broken.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Auction House pre-bid system is broken. Guild Wars can’t be declared unless guilds are registered for node wars (not intentional). It’s left people wondering if the correct patch or complete patch was even applied correctly to the servers at all.

We’ve reached out to Daum for comment, and will update this article as soon as we’ve heard back.

But here’s the question. What happened to make this patch land with such a crash? The Node War patch was originally delayed a few weeks to get more work and more testing… so why wasn’t it delayed again? There must be a QA department within Daum or Pearl Abyss, so one has to wonder how this sort of thing wasn’t caught.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Joe Average Player between level 1 and 49 won’t notice much of a problem. Except Tamers, whose pets are now docile and unkillable. I’ve not been able to log in myself since Thursday, so I’m reporting stuff that I’ve learned from my Guild so far. Have you played the new patch? How bad is it from your eyes?


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