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The MMOSide Chat - What's Your Fondest MMORPG Moment?

Reminiscing on the good old days

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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MMORPGS are full of moments. Every interaction with an NPC, every time queuing for a raid – you are setting yourself up to create moments and memories that can last a lifetime in gaming. Some of my fondest moments in video games come from my time in MMOs – specifically interactions between myself and my friends who join me on these adventures.

My favorite MMO of all time should be no shock to anyone if you have been following me for a while – The Lord of the Rings Online. This is a game I have played pretty consistently throughout its almost 13-year history. There are plenty of moments I cherish from this game – from seeing the sun rise on Hobbiton for the first time, finding the Hunter in the sky at Woodhall, taking a screenshot in front of the Prancing Pony – LotRO is one of the best realizations of Middle-earth – a world I’ve spent a ton of time in through Tolkien’s books.

I can pick many moments from this game as a fond moment. I remember being in awe back in 2007 the first time I set foot in the Rivendell valley. Seeing the Twenty-First Hall and having a moment that reminded me of Sam from the movies (“There’s an eye opener”). But my fondest moment has to be when my Kinship and celebrated one of our Kinversaries.

My kinship has an affinity for the Blood Port. Need to get somewhere quickly and you don’t have a pocket Hunter? Blood Port. Basically, die and you’ll spawn, hopefully, closer to your objective thanks to the rez circles dotting Middle-earth. In fact, jumping from tall heights has now become a rite of initiation for our Kinship.  “Eruchining” as we call it, I believe originated when we were on our way to fight Thaurlach – the Balrog in the Rift raid. There is a long bridge at one part of the encounter, and naturally we all took a moment to take in the scenery around us.

And then we all jumped.

Laughter erupted on our voice chat, knowing we would have to fight our way back to that portion of the raid. But it did not matter. It was one of the first times we would “seek out” high places in our adventures moving forward. I remember the first time I made it to Minas Tirith and my only thought after soaking in the giant tiered city (and being exceptionally happy that Standing Stone Games got the outer wall correct) was whether or not I could jump from the Tower of Ecthelion.

It’s a weird moment to consider my fondest in an MMO, I know. But thinking about those old Kin raids and those moments where we mastered the Blood Port remind me so fondly of the days where LotRO was the only game I played and I was playing it with people I considered – and still do consider – close friends.

What is your fondest MMORPG moment? Is it the time you took down that raid boss, got some incredible gear, and interaction with an NPC – or something else? Let us know in the comments below.


Joseph Bradford

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