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The MMOSide Chat - Leeroy Jenkins Turns 15 - Have You Ever Experienced A Similar Situation In A Raid?

A fireside chat about the meme that stuck with us

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you've been following MMOs - or gaming really - for the last decade and a half you've likely heard the familiar guttural cry of someone imitating what is likely World of Warcraft's most famous meme - Leeroy Jenkins. The video, which turned 15 yesterday, immortalizes a pokey little raid group and their quest for glory. And glory they did attain. 

The group is prepping to tackle boss in World of Warcraft's Upper Black Rock Spire, however their planning is immediately cut short by one raid member - Leeroy Jenkins. Interrupting his comrades, he charges into the room, shouting his name in a battle cry that has been remembered throughout the years in PC gaming lore. The group struggles, with Leeroy pointing out, solmenly, that "it's not my fault."

Here is a reupload the video for those who've never experienced it in all its glory. 

While we know the video itself was staged, with Ben Schulz coming out years later stating so, it's still hilarious every time I watch it. I imagine myself in the shoes of the bewildered companions, mustering up the courage to follow my doomed friend into the fire. Indeed, gaming with my regular crew throughout the years has produced many "Leeroy Jenkins-esque" moments, with Shank constantly aggroing and pulling monsters when we least suspect it, often times crying "I don't know what  I'm doing!" Or "I'm Sorry!"The meme is never going away - in fact 15 years later it's still part of the zeitgeist, with even the likes of ESPN sharing the meme on their Facebook page to commemorate the anniversary. 

So, I pose the question to you - have you ever experienced a moment that could be contributed to a "Leeroy Jenkins" moment? Have you yourself ever felt the urge to wipe a group just for the "lols?" Sound off in the comments below. 


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