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The MMOs That Had It Worst in 2017

William Murphy Posted:
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The MMO genre is filled with bad games, mediocre games, and games we’re all surprised manage to keep on running. This list is not for them, because well... we’d be here all day. Instead, we’re listing out five MMOs that had a really bad or disappointing year. Some were closed, some failed to live up to hype, and others just kind of lingered on like a shambling corpse waiting for judgment day. Here then are our MMOs that had it worst in 2017.

Marvel Heroes Online

Nothing quite like being an MMO that manages to launch on two consoles, overhaul a bunch of game systems (to much controversy), and then close down just months later. Marvel Heroes Online (or Omega as it was known) was shut down sadly at the end of November. There are a million and one different hot takes, but the fact remains that a really solid Action MMORPG is now gone for good. Here’s hoping a private server rises from the ashes.

Albion Online

Albion Online may have been one of 2017’s most wanted MMORPGs. And though admirable, Sandbox Strategies’ work to incorporate changes and adjustments ahead of the game’s official launch this year weren’t enough to fight back the very real problem that Albion just didn’t have enough content for its players right out the gate. On top of this, its server woes and economy issues were unbearable for many at launch, and player interest waned quickly. Already Sandbox is working hard to address problems and add new content. Let’s hope the team can right the ship in 2018.

Shroud of the Avatar

Richard Garriott is a legend. Portalarium’s goal to make the ultimate RPG is a lofty one, but one that just can’t seem to find its footing. I think everyone wants to love Shroud of the Avatar, as it represents the Ultima sequel we’ll never get from EA. But for whatever reason, the game can’t seem to takes all its unique ideas and make them gel. It has an army of fan followers, and maybe that’s enough for Portalarium. For us, we’ll be hoping that before it launches, Shroud finds a way to become a cohesive MMO or RPG we all want to play. 


At least Marvel Heroes Online had the good sense to die when it was time. Trion and Bluehole Ginno’s Action MMORPG Devilian is apparently in limbo waiting for either Trion or Bluehole to call time of death. As Bluehold moves on to nurturing its baby PUBG and newly announced AIR, Devilian’s mediocre but fun blend of Diablo and MMO is just sitting there... no updates, no new content. Just waiting for the hammer to fall. Insert Queen riff here.

Revelation Online

NetEase and My.Com tried to make this one work. And frankly, it still could with more refinement and cohesive localization. Revelation Online suffers from being a mess with an Open Beta that wasn’t fully localized, and a collection of game systems that seem to check off boxes more than serve any greater purpose. Still, there’s a lot to love in RO, if you get figure out what the hell it’s trying to be. 


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