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The MMORPG.com Writers’ Favorite MMOs - Part 3

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We've got the third installment in fun new series today. We've asked each of the MMORPG.com writers to submit their favorite three MMOs. Check out which ones have inspired Matt Keith and Mitch Gassner in today's edition.

Mitch's Top 3

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Your first love is always the strongest. While not technically the first MMORPG I ever played, DDO was the first to really sink its claws into me. I had just started to play WOW when I got the chance to join the DDO beta, and I never looked back. Eberron may not have been the best setting and the rules had to be adjusted to suit the real-time battles, but it was close enough to the pen and paper games to keep me playing for years.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV is the last MMO that held my interest for an extended period of time. I have to confess I have never finished a single FF game, they just don’t click with me. FFXIV wasn’t even a blip on my gaming radar, but several guild mates from another game were going to check it out so I tagged along. I’m glad I did. The crafting is great, the dungeons are a blast, as is the rest of the group content. There are so many things to do it is hard to get bored from the grind. And the Lancer is still my favorite melee class of all time.

Looking For Group

I was supposed to come up with a top 3, but I just can’t decide what #3 would be. There are just so many MMOs that were good, but for one reason or another just couldn’t hold my interest for more than a few months. City Of Heroes/Villians, Tera, and Wildstar almost took the spot, but they just didn’t make it. There are several others that aren’t far behind: BDO, Neverwinter, Bless Online, Defiance (old and new), GW2, and on and on, but they all just fall short. Please, someone, tell me what to play!

Matt's Top 3

World of Warcraft

Love it hate it this game has impacted culture! Personally it has been the title that has helped bridge the geographical distance between @pastordame and I since our days in college. We’ve ventured forth, conquered giants and lived (or at least respawned) to tell the tale of our adventures in Azeroth. To this day, over 12 years later, you’ll still find us chucking lightening and shield bashing our way through the latest expansion!

Lord of the Rings Online

Arguably this game hasn’t aged well but this title holds a special place in my heart for its world creation unique classes (I’m looking at you warden!). One of my favorite parts of this MMO is how it allowed me to walk the fields of the shire, delve into the depths of Moria and marvel at the wonders of Rivendell. That and the fact that I could finally rock a dwarf with a great big bushy beard!

DC Universe Online

On the opposite end of the spectrum to many of the other MMOs on my list, DC Universe Online, proved to me that MMO’s could be played on a controller. Not only that it offered me an opportunity to live out another one of my favorite childhood fantasies, being trained under The Batman! The title may not have had the deepest world building or most interesting story, but it offered a fun, action packed experience for casual players. Plus it allowed me to play with a controller which is always a win for me! 


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