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The MMOism of Public Events

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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One of the best features in Destiny 2 is the Public Event system. This idea has it roots as far back into MMOs as Warhammer Online in 2007 and 2008 when the game launched. Destiny 2 has taken the model and adapted it for players to boost their experience and leveling while exploring the narrative zones. It also brings in players from around the zone to join into an epic battle. One more thing, there are heroic versions as well.

As you enter into the zones and begin exploring there are certain areas which spawn into a public event. This idea is that Fallen or other aliens suddenly land in an area and begin their work. In one instance the Fallen are mining Glimmer for example. These events spawn on Earth as well as on Titan, there is some debate on which zone is actually better for event farming.

Similar to MMOs like Rift and Elder Scrolls Online, the longer you are invested in an event the better loot you will end up taking back to your arsenal. The early concept which has made its way through MMOs over the years plays extremely well in a game like Destiny 2. Right now Level 20 is the cap in the game and players can actually farm these events to level up quickly. Something which was done in Rift with when the Rifts would open up. ESO used the huge sky anchors with loads of demons to bring pieces of the world into Malag Bal’s realm. As a player wandering the world driving through quests can become the standard. These spawns mix up the map a lot. They also give you the chance for much better loot, even better than the quest you may be doing.

Destiny 2 has built in these events on different locations. Many players prefer to hit up Titan as it is a smaller map so getting from one event to the other is a bit easier than running around on Earth. You can see our guide on how to get a Sparrow to make things faster. As public events break out around the map, there is a feature which allows players to unlock a heroic version as the event starts. The best example is when the Fallen land to mine for glimmer. Instead of shooting all the Fallen, target the generators near the drills (there are four). Once this is destroyed, the event will switch into heroic mode, as long as there are still Fallen around. Then a pile of glimmer will appear that you have to defend against several waves. Once done, you’ll find much better rewards. I was able to jump into this last night at low level on my Warlock and rose up another level just for completing the event. Soon after I leveled again.

The above simple version of unlock a heroic event may be easy. Some of the other conditions to unlock the top tier can be harder to meet. These inner challenges make the game much more interesting. The real leap may come if they can add elements to these on PvP maps? Imagine fighting in the Crucible and having an event spawn in the process to speed up the game. The other option is to taylor events as challenges among two teams of players. The system really does leave Bungie open for a lot of great changes.

So, if you are a fan of public events and experiencing them for the first time. We MMO players are quite used to the concept. The real gem here is how Bungie has made the events active and rewarding by adding in unlock tiers during the action. As new zones come out and more events are added, we could see some really great scenarios arise. 


Garrett Fuller

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