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The Lure of Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Much like Star Trek (which I explored earlier in the week), I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan.  By which I mean I’ve never really read the books, or dabbled in the many other incarnations of Lucas’ universe.  But I grew up with the original trilogy.  I had them on Laser Disc, and then I owned them on VHS, and eventually DVD when Lucas gave into the format.  I saw them in theatres when they reemerged with all their much maligned digital changes.  I was there on opening day for each of the first three episodes too, for despite the stilted scripts those movies at least gave us ‘Yoda the Badass.’  And I loved every second of all six of those films, because somehow, though they were set in the past, it felt like watching a future I wanted to be a part of.  It felt like a story and a cause I wish I could fight for. 

In just a little more than two months’ time, BioWare’s The Old Republic will be upon us. In a fit of rage and clamor that we haven’t seen since the last big game was released, I’m pretty sure we’ll experience a surge on our forums and see a storm in the press unlike anything else. The game will divide people. In much the same way Episodes I through III did, BioWare’s game will have a bevy of fans and enemies alike.  By now, you’re reading this and thinking, “Bill… you’re stating the obvious again.”  But hey, someone has to.

I’m going to appeal to something in each of you right now.

You’re all dorks, nerds, geeks, and fanboys. If you’re reading this, there’s a part of you that absolutely loves Star Wars.  You love it for the same reasons you hate it: because as a child it meant something more to you than it possibly could today as an adult.  I will grant that the prequel films were missing the magic of the original trilogy.  How could they not? Lucas was a different man when he made them, there were different people involved, and the Star Wars brand was bigger and an altogether different beast.  But don’t you remember why you fell for the mythos in the first place? Can’t you stop worrying and just for a second think back to when Star Wars was just Star Wars, and you actually liked the Ewoks?

(If you were already a grown man or woman when the Ewoks reared their little furry heads, then you’re allowed to loathe them.)

I know this is going to just roll on by, and nothing will be taken seriously from it.  But consider this a call to your inner-child.  All I’m asking is that until December 20th (or 22nd), you stop worrying about BioWare, you stop worrying about WoW-Clones, you stop debating which unreleased game is better, and you stop condemning SWTOR before it’s even had a chance to launch.

I know this isn’t going to work.  I know that we’re all here and we love to chat about these things because we’re genuinely fascinated by this industry and its many ups and downs.  Hell, I make a living off of it.  But sometimes, with new games, I like to stop all the speculating.  I like to forget about all the controversy.  And I want to get lost in the newness and adventure that took hundreds of people years to create. 

You all can go on bickering and contemplating the dangers of latching onto The Old Republic.  I’m going to quietly sit and wait until I get into the beta.  I’m going to place my pre-order.  I’m going to wait eagerly for December 20th when I can just dive into the game for good or for bad, and hope to get lost in a galaxy, far, far away.


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