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The Joy of Starting Over

William Murphy Posted:
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Of all the things I’m looking forward to most in Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind this June, the ultimate has to be starting over. It’s not that I haven’t made a new character in ESO before, in fact, I’ve probably played through the beginning lands of Tamriel Unlimited more times than I care to admit since the beta of ESO three years and change ago. And that, right there, is why Morrowind is vitally important to me as an ESO fan.

I started a Templar not too long ago, finally after months of Sorcerer and Dragon Knight life in Tamriel. I’m really enjoying him so far, as it’s nice to get back to a melee character after a lot of time ranged and hurling spells as the Sorc. But here I am, once more, going through Betnikh, helping out Jakarn, and doing the same zones I’ve trudged through a handful of times since launch. 

Even Orsinium, the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild… they’re starting to wear thin after playing with several characters. For the first time since launch, granted that’s three years before getting a bit tired, I’m realizing that a “new place to start” is sorely needed in ESO. I almost wish you could pick to begin life in Orsinium, as its quest design and structure is lightyears ahead of the original zones’. And god help me, I just don’t want to help Dumbledore or fight Molag Bal anymore. It’s a superb storyline, truly, but one I’ve done more than enough.

And then, I played Morrowind’s beta. I’ve since stopped playing Morrowind’s beta because it’s just so good and the last thing I want to do is have to throw away tons of playtime when it launches in a month. Add in the new Warden class, and I’m more than ready for this big chunk of new content to come hurtling into Tamriel. By all reports from the devs, the Morrowind experience alone should take you to around level 30, with 20 more levels to go before you hit the Champion levels again.

I expect I should be ready to handle Thieves Guild, DB, Orsinium, and even the ol’ quests once more after some good time in Morrowind as a new place to begin life in Tamriel. Heck, it just occurred to me as I’m writing this that I haven’t fully explored the Imperial City or Craglorn yet!

Indeed, that’s not even counting whatever new DLC we get through the rest of 2017 and into 2018 before the next Chapter is released. There are oodles of zones left uncovered on the Tamriel map, and hopefully more new classes to try down the road. In any case, the joy of starting over with a new character shall be renewed when Morrowind becomes the place to be in June. Until then, I guess I’ll help the Orcs and keep raising my Templar… even if he’s getting placed on hold for the Warden in a few weeks.


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