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The Journey So Far

Josh Hay Posted:
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Since returning to Guild Wars 2, I have had a lot of fun on the journey to end-game. I’ve really learned a lot about what I enjoy about MMORPGs and what I don’t enjoy while playing this game. I’ve been dabbling into more activities in this game than I have in any other game, period. I’ve enjoyed the majority of my journey so far and in this article, I would like to go over everything so far. Let’s begin, shall we?

I’ve talked a lot about my approach to this game and while in the beginning I took it at a very slow pace, my pace has quickened as of late. I’m still playing the completionist role but I think after I learned more and more about my class and how the core game works, I was able to really clear and complete zones quicker while still enjoying myself. I think it’s really the flow of the game. Grinding and questing is something I really enjoy, I wish other MMORPGs would take the Guild Wars 2 approach to completing areas/quests. I know it’s not for everyone but it’s definitely for me.

I believe the combat has a lot to do with this. Although the game doesn’t really follow the “holy trinity” that a lot of popular MMORPGs follow, we still have the professions that fall into the categories of tank, healer and damage. I think with that freedom it lets us enjoy the game more and not feel confide to “Oh, well, you have to play X class to be best at Y”. I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t enjoy being confined to one class.

 I’ve mostly been playing Revenant but I am going to playing some more classes in the future. I think I would enjoy playing a support role in this game. The only thing I do not like about combat as of right now, is that my skills change with the weapons I use. I wish we could change that and pick and choose. I understand why this is in place but I really, really wish it wasn’t. I think most of us are used to it by now and don’t really want to see it changed but I would love to be able to pick and choose.

The action and not the typical “tab targeting” are refreshing as well. It’s not as packed as maybe some others game are but I don’t think we all want it to. It’s a really good blend. You aren’t simply sitting there, doing nothing besides pushing buttons for your rotations and alt tabbing while they are on cooldown. You are active, you need to pay attention in certain situations to survive which I enjoy. It keeps me involved, it keeps me glued to the screen at times. I don’t want to die and we all know how many times so far, I have died. (A lot).

I think the most important aspect that I have enjoyed so far is the world and everything involved in it. Everything about the world inside Guild Wars 2 captures you. Whether it be the NPCs talking to each other, what’s going on zone by zone, you feel like you are in a true living world. Something is constantly going on with the events or bosses to take down and the community within Guild Wars 2 makes it that much more alive. I’ve talked highly about the community in the past. They continue to surprise me with how helpful they are and even though there are some bad eggs here and there, it’s up there with the friendliest of communities. I’ve made a lot of friends just playing the game and killing world bosses together. I have been in the loop of the zone I am in since day one and it has yet to fail me.

There are some things I would change like I mentioned with combat. Even though I speak very highly of Guild Wars 2, it’s not perfect. I wouldn’t want it to be though, no game is perfect and we have to take the good with the bad. In the case of Guild Wars 2 the good way heavily outweighs the bad and it’s a big reason why I keep coming back and continuing my journey to level 80 and end-game. I should be hitting endgame the next time you hear from me and I am really excited to see how it all comes down. I believe after I hit max level, I will probably play a little bit on end-game content and PvP and I think I will start a new alt. Any suggestions?

Two questions for you all, like always. What would you change about Guild Wars 2 and what is your most memorable moment in Guild Wars 2? Share in the comments down below I would love to hear what you all have to say. So far, my favorite memory right now is killing a world boss with 40+ people around me and all the skill effects going off. It was mesmerizing to watch. I stood there in awe at one point and was just amazed how awesome some random event could be, you know? I think it was at that point, I really fell in love with the community and how easy grouping could be.


Josh Hay