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The Ink Blot Test

Tim Eisen Posted:
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The CUniverse continues to gain momentum and the updates keep coming! We’ve got tested server tech, we’ve got pretty terrain, we’ve got more (senior) programmers and we even got a double dose of updates last week! I used thorough market research to help me metagame which delicious tidbits would get me the most clicks this week, then I tossed them into the fire and went with my gut! You can’t program instincts baby! This week on the CUolum I will be cutting up about weapons, giving all of you a Rorschach test and healing old wounds!

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate some of the latest weapon concept art. Since day one I’ve hoped and bribed prayed that the aesthetics of the game reflect what is seemingly thousands of years of never ending war. Given it’s a magic world with more Deus Ex Machina than the Matrix so things don’t HAVE to be worn and grungy, it’s simply a personal preference of mine (gently strokes vintage 1937 pencil sharpener). I am worn, damaged and have rust growing on my feet which is exactly how I like my gear! I am EXTREMELY happy to see these early concepts showing a good balance of pretty and pretty used. I was so excited I busted out my rusty but uber leet photowizard skills and made a little mash up image just for you-the millions...ok hundreds...ok the 5 people reading this (ok 3 not counting the two that proof read it). For your eyes only I present a mashup of CU weapon concepts in all their utilitarian but aesthetically pleasing glory!

Last week we also got a teaser for how CSE will “present” classes to us (coming soon). Check it out in the image below!

I know what you're thinking because I thought the same thing...the first class is in fact an amorphous mutant oil spill! I assume it coated then possessed the birds? Ok maybe it’s some kind of shadow mage or spirit pet thingamajobber? It could even be CSE trolling us with a Rorschach test but I’m crossing my fingers for the A.M.O.S. class. Think of the marketing! “Heroes in an Oil Barrel; Shell Power” Think I’m wrong? Then grab your boot straps, pull yourself up and let me know what you think this big black blob is in the comments below! Just don’t hold it against me when it’s unveiled to be the A.M.O.S.!

Now what else was I going to talk about...

“Silly Timothy, an amorphous class wouldn’t work with the wound system.”

First off jabroni, don’t ever interrupt me again or I’ll “forget” to heal you next time we are in group! Secondly, thank you. Ahem, we also learned that the first pass of the injury/wound system is in testing! For anyone that isn’t familiar CSE plans to have limb specific damage in CU. Before you freak out about that being too complex for a MMORPG I’ll try to break it down for you. WARNING; the following is my interpretation of the CU wound system concept based on what I’ve read. I might be way off but I think I have a handle on it.

You have a health pool for each limb. On top of that you have “trauma” and “wounds”. I don’t think you will have a hitbox for every limb, rather the targeting comes from the move/spell you execute. For example I cast “leg iceball” or “arm slash” to target those specific areas. Once I take all of the health from a limb it gives the target a time based “bleed” trauma. Trauma can be healed away. When your limb health pool empties you also take a wound. Wounds cannot be healed and they are cumulative. They also slow your movement, attack speed, and cooldown recovery. Once you take too many wounds you die. When you revive your wounds are gone.

Its sounds incredibly complex yet also fairly straightforward so much so that I think to myself, why is this just NOW a thing? As far as I recall I don’t think we have come close to this since SWG had three health pools which added a truckload of variety and strategy to the combat. The concept for the CU system looks like it will add a boatload more! I’m sure it will be adjusted many times from now until launch but I deeply hope this concept makes the journey. Put the armor system on top of it and we instantly have one of the single most strategic MMO combat systems ever created! That's not even factoring in the stardestroyerload of other factors we will be dealing with while in combat! I get anxious just trying to process all of it. So many strategies, so many alts, so little time!

I can’t wait to make a warrior rocking some cloth boots to be sneaky. I’ll name him Achilles and see how long it is before I run into an archer designed for leg damage named Paris. I assume I’ll get ganked by 1000 “Legolas’s” long before I run into one named Paris but it’s the little things right? The little weird things we do to entertain ourselves and make these games even more enjoyable than they already are. We aren’t just players, we are living content and content creators. That sounds like a solid transition to another paragraph about emergent content but this is not the time nor the place. I’m a busy guy. I’ve got ink blots to stare at. I’ll either tease the meaning out of this teaser or go crazy(er) trying! Cowabunga!


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