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The HiRez Bugle: Tricks and Treats for All

William Murphy Posted:
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This week’s HiRez Bugle comes to us with a bevy of new Halloween goodness for Paladins, Hand of the God’s own celebration, and Smite’s details on the next Odyssey 2018 story update. 


This week's All Hallow's Evie update introduced loads of new Halloween themed skins. Players can unlock Bewitching Evie, Wickerman Mal'Damba, and a new gun for Pip that turns enemies into ghost chickens. There's also a new Nightmare mount and a questline that will unlock a new Raven set for the sniper Strix.

This update also introduces a brand new map for players to jump into this weekend called Foreman's Rise.

All Hallow's Evie Overview

Foreman's Rise Map Reveal

All Hallow's Evie Patch Notes

Hand of the Gods

This week's Pumpkin Patch update for Hand of the Gods adds Limited Edition Halloween skins for Loki, Thanatos, Chaac, and Awilix. There is also an amazing Vesuvius card back and Pum-Pukin avatar for players to customize their accounts with. 

Each of these items are obtainable through the new Halloween Pack which can be purchased for 300 Runes and grants one of the six limited edition items.

Pumpkin Patch Notes


The SMITE patch notes show revealed the next chapter in the ongoing Odyssey 2018 storyline. This update adds Mummified Izanami, Yurei Susano, Warchief Raijin, Trick or Treat Cupid, and a terrifying Grim Reaper Thanatos skin.

Players will also be excited to hear that the spooky Halloween themed Arena map is coming back complete with the scary potion which delivers a jump scare to opponents when thrown.

This update will go live for players next Tuesday, October 10th.

SMITE Odyssey Chapter 3

Departure To The Afterlife Patch Notes

That’s all the news that’s fit for your eyes this week! 


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