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The HiRez Bugle - Odyssey in Smite, Talus in Paladins, and Hand of the Gods Updates

William Murphy Posted:
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In a new weekly column that we’re calling the HiRez Bugle, we’ve partnered with HiRez Studios to bring you a look at all the things going on in the Georgia-based studio’s games, along with sweet giveaways, occasional Q&A’s, and other inside looks at the company’s happenings. Read on to get in the know on all things SMITE, Paladins, Hand of the Gods, and more.

First up, let’s take a look at the original 3rd person MOBA, SMITE!

On Wednesday the SMITE 4.18 patch notes show went live at 4:00pm EDT. These patch notes showed off the next SMITE Odyssey Patch which goes live Tuesday. If you’re unfamiliar with Odyssey, the jist of the patch is that it continues the story of the Odyssey. That’s right, SMITE has lore, people. Check out the video embedded below, and the rest of the series can be viewed HERE.

Patch 4.18 continues the story but also introduces new skins. You’ll gain Odyssey Points as you play, complete quests, and earn new rewards with each chapter. Read all the notes over at the site.

Not to be outdone, the console (PS4 and XB1) versions of SMITE also saw patch 4.17 this week, which prings Chapter 1 of the Odyssey story to the consoles, and the introduction of the new Japanese god, Hachiman. Take a look at him below...

Moving on now to PALADINS!

The Paladins Open Beta patch 59 went live this Wednesday. This patch introduces a new Flank champion Talus and some very cool new skins. Take a look at the ability breakdown for Talus below, and watch the whole patch overview video here.

Believe it or not, it’s also already been ONE YEAR since Paladins hit steam. Take a look at the infographic HiRez shared... that’s a whole lot of mounts, you guys. Congrats to Paladins on a stunning first year for the PC version.

And now for the newest game in the bunch: HAND of the GODS

If you didn’t already know, Hand of the Gods is a tactical turn-based card game on Steam, set in the SMITE universe. Same characters you know and love, new competitive 1v1 battles. It’s been in open beta for a week or two now, with the first big patch introducing the Hindu pantheon going live sometime early next week. The update also adds in some new cards, so be sure to check out the patch notes over here.

Now, the Giveaways! We’ve got a load of codes for Paladins to giveaway this week. We’re giving away several dozen Talus champion codes (that’s the new kid Flank added this week!), Makoa Dutchman skin codes, and Barik Swashbuckler Codes. The links to each are below, so get clicking and good luck!



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