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The HiRez Bugle: Hand of the Gods Comes to Consoles

William Murphy Posted:
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This week’s HiRez Bugle is chock full of news for the independent Georgia developer’s games. Not only did Paladins see a patch with the new Champion Terminus, but SMITE also saw a bunch of new skins. The big news though is that the closed beta for Hand of the Gods is now officially open on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

Hand of the Gods Console Closed Beta

Earlier this week on Tuesday Hand of the Gods officially entered Closed Beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you’ve got XBL Gold or PS Plus, you get automatic closed beta access, in-game items, and 5 free core packs to open during the beta.

What is Hand of the Gods? A tactical turn-based card game in the same universe as SMITE, it’s all about making the best deck, and duking it out against another player in battle of strategy and fortitude. More info can be found HERE.

Paladins Open Beta Patch 61 - TERMINUS!

On Wednesday, the Paladins Open Beta patch 61 went live. This patch brought in Terminus, a gigantic monster of a tank, who defines the word “melee master”. He’s been a big hit so far, and you can check out the patch overview, including the new Oni skin for Talus, Mech for Drogoz, and a Facebook skin for Jenos.

There’s also an amazing new Oni skin for the young Talus, a mech skin for Drogoz, and a Resplendent Facebook skin for Jenos. You can check out the patch overview here.

SMITE Patch Notes Stream for patch 4.20

This past Wednesday’s SMITE Patch Notes Show showcased the latest chapter in the SMITE 2018 Odyssey and revealed several of the skins that will be present in the SMITE World Championship Digital Loot Pack - which, let’s face it, is exactly what people want to know.

The SWC Digital Loot pack will include Queen Aphrodite, King Thor, Mystic Defender Neith, and Convention 2018 Cernunnos. There is also a Super Chill Bacchus skin for players who want to relax while they gank. Want to peep the patch notes? Check them here


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