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Guild Wars 2 has done an amazing job with the description and design of their character professions. The game will have no healers, for anyone playing an MMO that one statement changes everything. With each class being fully self sufficient in how they fight and explore, the options for players and developers alike really open up. With the Thief revealed in recent weeks, it is time to speculate on the final two classes we might see in Guild Wars 2.

First let us run down the Thief really quickly. From the game play demos and videos at both GDC and PAX East the Thief is a machine of stealth and ranged capabilities, dual wielding melee weapons doesn’t hurt the class either. The Thief made a big impression at PAX East especially with the game play video.  Watching the Thief shoot the short bow and teleport to where it landed was one of the coolest abilities I have seen in an MMO. Very surprising game play and combat action continue to grace the screen as the Thief was shown dropping a lot of different foes. Overall, the speed and options on the Thief look like the class goes above and beyond any rogue archtypes we have seen in the past.

Looking at the Professions page on the Guild Wars 2 website, we are left with two shadows to speculate on. One clearly is Charr, the other looks like a human female, possibly Norn. With the Warrior, Guardian, Necromancer, Thief, Elementalist, and Ranger we have a lot of areas covered in the class department. Melee and ranged styles are well represented. There are pet classes in the Necromancer and Ranger as well as a defensive style melee class in the Guardian. So what do we have left in terms of game play styles?

My first idea is some form of an Engineer style class. One who uses guns or bombs to accomplish their goals. The Skar shadow  looks like it has some form of gun; at least that is what it looks like to me. Could this be some kind of steam punk style technology class? The Charr are known for their use of guns in the lore and perhaps this could be their class of choice. I think some form of Engineer class would be cool. There is a lot you can do with it and with some of the technology in the game. Guns, golems, bombs, and gadgets, while they may not sit well for everyone in a fantasy setting it is something that could work very well. Let’s wait and see what this profession shadow will become.

 Now that we have more information on the Norn the last shadow looks like it might link to that race. Looking closely it could be some form of tribal shaman or druid. If anything it would be awesome to have a shape changing profession in the game and allow for Norn to change into their totems. As I write this, I am dreaming about the cool possibilies of this idea. Although, any race can play any profession so I am unsure how this would fit in with the other races. Still, some idea of a druid or shaman type caster would make sense.


Garrett Fuller

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