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The Exiled Tribune - Three Awesome Years, Wallpapers, BotW & More

Suzie Ford Posted:
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This week's Path of Exile: The Exiled Tribune celebrates a big event right along with Grinding Gear Games: PoE's third birthday! Add in some brand new wallpapers, the latest Build of the Week, a v2.4.2 update, a special 3-day racing event and much more are featured. 

Happy Birthday, Path of Exile!

This week marks the third anniversary of the release of Path of Exile. Grinding Gear's Chris Wilson posted an amazing letter on the official site, one filled with gratitude to all the many facets that have made PoE one of the most respected games out there. In concluding the letter, Wilson lets out a small teaser:

And I want to thank you, as a player of Path of Exile. Thank you for enjoying the game and making these three years such a fulfilling experience for our team. We're really looking forward to announcing the upcoming content that we've been working on. 

Do you suppose that the 10th anniversary of Grinding Gear will yield what's next? 

Patch v2.4.2 Update

The team isn't just sitting around partying either. They've just released a big update and are already back at work on the next patch, a newly combined v2.4.2 and v2.4.3 that were previously announced. After the merger, v2.4.2 will bring new channeled skills, and a "massive engine improvement" that comes with improved DirectX 9 support and DirectX 11 into the game. Already in testing, the next patch should be out and about in mid-November, possibly between November 10-17.

Don't go thinking you know it all, either. The team has something up their collective sleeve, but aren't saying anything yet...

The Freezerator

In a perfectly named Build of the Week for Halloween day, the latest comes from maddognils and is called THE FREEZERATOR! As the name implies, the Freezerator is an Assassin-based build that slices and dices its way through enemies with a cold touch. Not only is there a great video of the Freezerator in action, but maddognils has created a text-based description and a basic "how-to" guide for those who like it cold.

This build fulfills your coldest and chillest dreams as you launch shot gunning arctic breaths and Frostbolts that spawn vortexes ontop of them at your enemies. Combining decent projectile speed, cold damage, 40% cold pen, 500% crit multi, crit cap and insane whirl speed, this build annihilates maps in style.

And They're Off! Spend 3-Days Racing

Best to start limbering up as next weekend you'll be off to the races during the special Weekend of Races scheduled to be held on November 5th - 7th. During the event, an entire schedule of one-hour races will kick off every second hour -- meaning one hour on, one hour off that can see players taking home some pretty spiffy prizes.

For those wondering why there is no formal race season, GGG's Chris Wilson had this to say:

We're currently working on the new 2.5.0 league (for December) and our largest-ever expansion, 3.0.0, which will be released next year. To hit these deadlines, we have decided not to put development resources towards new race technology yet. Despite Path of Exile's popularity increasing with each release, our race season attendance has been getting worse season after season. We are confident that improvements like asynchronous racing will solve this, but the time is not now. I am very sorry to the racing community. I understand that a weekend of races isn't a perfect replacement for an entire ranked season with new prizes, but hopefully it's enjoyable and enough to scratch the racing itch for many players. I'm also sorry about not communicating this earlier, but we only made the call recently (with much internal debate) and wanted to make sure we had some events planned as a replacement. 

Check out the slate of races, where they take place, and what the prizes are at the link above.

Last But Not Least - Wallpapers!

In the final tidbit of news, several new wallpapers were released that bring the theme and feel of the recently released Atlas of Worlds content expansion to your desktop. You can see one below and the rest at this link.


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