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The Exiled Tribune - The Community Shepherds the Newest of the New

Suzie Ford Posted:
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In this week's Exiled Tribune, we take a look at how the community is rallying around its newest players by creating a bunch of guides to ease the way into Path of Exile. It doesn't stop there either. Not to be left out, the site has been updated with new wallpapers and a look at what's new in the wide world of microtransactions. Slip into your robe, grab your coffee and open up The Exiled Tribune.

Keeping Tabs on the Newbies

The Path of Exile community is well-aware that the journey to exile isn't always a smooth one for a new player. With PoE maturing to a ripe vintage, it can be daunting to take one's first steps into the game. That in mind, several community members have stepped in to guide young players in the Way of the Exile. 

This week, several brand new guides emerged to give a leg up to new players: The Lich Queen - Skeleton Summoner penned by Ghazzy; Warchief Totem Axe Build written by LiftingNerdBro; Firestorm Build from Appels_Zijn_Gezond; Lioneye's Avalanche authored by Mothren; and Crit Staff Marauder by 15107514 (Anderson). Each is designed to walk new players through the process from choosing which path to follow, how to best utilize enchants and gems, leveling tips and, for those still on the fence, each guide helps determine whether it is suitable by detailing strengths and weaknesses of a particular build in order for a new player to make the best possible choice for the most fun and to allow for a great experience in PoE.


As Ghazzy says at the end of the Lich Queen guide, "This build...is merely a rough guide to lead you in to the build's basics". These guides will give new players a leg up and a framework in which to, at a later and more experienced point in their Path of Exile journey, a way to customize to best suit their own individual styles.


Be sure to check them out at the links provided!

Making Your Desktop a Path of Exile Showpiece!

With the recent release of Atlas of Worlds, a literal boatload of new loading screens were added to show off some of the gorgeous locations that came with it. From a storm-torn coastline to riverside ruins to an abandoned city, the Path of Exile art team really outdid itself with these stunning wallpapers. 

Be sure to check them all out on the Path of Exile page where each can be downloaded.

Bears, Totems & Portals...OH MY!

A trio of new microtransaction packages have been added that give players a unique way to set themselves apart in a crowd. 

For the outdoorsy types, there is the Bear Armor Pack that brings four pieces of cosmetic gear that is unBEARably cool. Helmet, body, boots and gloves set a player apart as one who won't put up with any guff but can be quite the teddy bear at the right moments. You have to admit that wearing one's own bearskin rug can lead to romantic evenings under the stars by the campfire!

For those of a more shamanistic bent...and who don't mind being literally chased around by small, red, ground-emerging totems, the Inua Totems Pet is just right. Pictures speak a thousand words, so check out this gem of a video to see these cute little guys in action.

Last, but certainly not least, the Shaper Portal Effect is now available that give players a unique way to jet forth in the world. See what it looks like below.

That wraps up a fairly quiet week in the world of Path of Exile. With PAX having just wrapped up, everyone needed a bit of a rest before charging into the fray again. Check back next week for even more news in the Exiled Tribune.


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom