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The Exiled Tribune - The Arrival of 2.4.2 & The Breach!

Suzie Ford Posted:
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This was a big week around the Path of Exile world with the big announcement of The Breach expansion and the release of patch 2.4.2. 

Patch 2.4.2 Brings QoL Improvements & More

The latest patch, despite being a 2.4.x release, is a meaty one for Path of Exile players. Not only does it bring a number of interesting new features to the game, it also adds some very nice quality of life improvements as well. Let's get started.

For those wanting to take full advantage of DirectX, there is a new client available for DX 11 that stands alongside the original DX 9. While able to use DX 9 for now, the DX 11 version will become the default version beginning with update 2.5. There is an experimental 64-bit version available as well. 

For game play, both a new Dexterity / Intelligence skill (Blade Flurry) and a pair of Intelligence skills (Scorching Ray & Blight) were added, all anchors of the update that come packed with some pretty cool new options for players. Master Missions have been improved in a big way. The chat interface has been given a new coat of paint and some new functionality. Auras now show and icon when they are active. Item tooltips now have additional information for some pieces when pressing Alt. 

These are just several of many nice improvements and fixes applied with the latest patch. Head here to check out the full list.

But, Of Course, the BIG News is The Breach!

This week featured a huge announcement for players with The Breach content update. It's going to come packed with new Supporter Packs, and new ways to upgrade existing Supporter Packs & payment options.

Here's a taste of some of what The Breach, set for release in just over eleven days, will bring:

  • new items
  • fresh start Challenge Leagues
  • new economy 'twist' with new risks & rewards
  • 40 challenges to overcome in the Breach league
  • Breachlords - the more damage dealt, the better the reward
  • take on Breachlords in their own domain if a Breachstone is completed
  • performance improvements
  • new Unique Items
  • a new Channeling Support gem
  • Unique Golem Jewels
  • overhauled leveling for Forsaken Masters
  • visual and graphical improvements to Act One

Get a great overview of The Breach in our own Garrett Fuller's article.

What do you think of The Breach? Let us know!


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom