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The Exiled Tribune - Stash Updates, Divining the Future & Devs on Film

Suzie Ford Posted:
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In this week's Path of Exile: The Exiled Tribune, Grinding Gear gives a preview of things to come in 2.5.1, shows off updates to the popular Divination Stash Tab, and takes to the airwaves in a pair of interviews. See what's what for the week that was in The Exiled Tribune.

Working as Hard as Santa's Elves

Even with Christmas coming up on the weekend, Grinding Gear worked through the end of the week, toiling away as hard as Santa's elves. While others enjoyed a Christmas bowl at the local pub, GG kept the midnight oil burning on behalf of Path of Exile players.

To start things off, the team published a brief look at what players can expect with updates coming to the Divination Stash Tab including a new slider that gives players a way to determine how many cards they can see in the stash at any given time. While before only three cards could be viewed, ten will be with the patch.

In addition, GG teased out a number of upcoming Divination Cards with cool names, interesting lore and item level information. These came alongside a couple of mysterious 3D art shots that seem to preview wings and a new armor look? You tell us!

For those who love number crunching, new Breach League statistics were published including the number of player deaths in Breach Domains (HOLY MOLY on nearly 50k in Xoph's Domain!). In addition, the overall top ten uniques, primary skills used by players of level 80+ and the top ten uniques by characters level 80+ were also published. It's a pretty interesting look at data.

For anyone who likes to know what changes are in store to the Breach:

Content Update 2.5.1 also contains the following patch notes:

  • Tul no longer takes reduced damage while doing her Projectile Barrage skill.
  • The Crystal Ice Spires in the Tul encounter now have less life.
  • The snowstorm skill used by the Tul Breach monsters now provides less damage avoidance to the monsters inside of it.
  • Frost Blades used by the Tul monsters now does less damage at higher levels.
  • Chayula Breaches are now more common in Mid (20% increase) & High (30% increase) Tier Maps.

To round out a slower-than-normal-but-busier-than-most week, Grinding Gear devs took part in a pair of video interviews: 1) Game Designer & Producer Carl de Visser headed out to The Lioneye's Watch to talk about production issues and who shares some behind the scenes information about the Breach League and Atlas of Worlds. 2) Rory Rackham sat down with ZiggyD to discuss immunities in a brief interview. Check them both out below.

That's it for this week! Stay tuned next Monday to see how the Path of Exile team plans to go about the game in 2017!


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